'Sons of Anarchy' Recap: Not Much Longer for Dead Men Walking
'Sons of Anarchy' Recap: Not Much Longer for Dead Men Walking
Daniel Mikelonis
Daniel Mikelonis
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Tonight's Sons of Anarchy episode is named "Darthy," which means "gift from God." Hopefully God included a gift receipt when giving the Sons presents of kidnappings and delayed vengeance. Season five reaches another level of intensity here, promising a climactic finale next week.

Vengeance and Other Kid Stuff

Clay confesses his betrayal to the Sons in a heartbreaking sequence, really humanizing his character. It's enough to make you almost feel sorry for him. While stripped of his patch, Bobby saves his life voting against Clay meeting Mr. Mayhem. Though urged to let his vendetta go, Jax remains bent on revenge at any cost.

Considering her children's future, Tara searches out Wendy. There's no current assigned guardian in case she and Jax go down, and considering Gemma's James Dean like driving record she's not an option. Wendy jumps at this opportunity, and even gets to see her son in daycare.

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Big Sale in Charming: Guns and People Sold 100% Off

After his Chinese crime connections can't immediately deliver their guns, the Cartel force Jax into one more deal with the IRA. Apparently "deal" is Cartel speak for "armed robbery", who raid the meet stealing both SAMCRO's cash and Irish guns. Galen promises the Sons will pay, and Jax sends everyone into lockdown at the clubhouse.

While at the hospital retrieving his family, Jax spots Wendy playing with Abel. Angrily ordering her outside for a stern talking to proves a mistake, as she's promptly kidnapped by the IRA. Tara's got problems of her own when Otto's mystery attacker Lee Toric interrogates her. He's an ex - State Marshall and the murdered nurse's sister. Lee's an intimidating character, and I'm looking forward to his storyline developing.

Best Laid Plans

Nero raids his family's nest egg so SAMCRO can repay their debt, in exchange for them helping his gang. As a big fan of The Shield which also featured the Byz Lats, learning Nero founded them 25 years ago was an awesome tie in with that series.

After securing repaying the IRA and securing Wendy's release, Clay strikes a deal with the Irish. They'll get him out of Charming for a few months, after which he'll start gun running again. Tig's again offered a place at Clay's side. This sounds too good to be true considering these two's current dead men walking status.

Not Shot Down, But Shot Up

For some reason, Wendy learning about Abel's kidnapping during her abduction makes her question Jax and Tara's parenting skills. What's tragic about Wendy's tirade against them is so much of it rings true. This outlaw lifestyle has repeatedly put the lives of Abel and Thomas in danger. When Wendy declares she'll sue for custody, Jax can't take it anymore. He injects her with heroin, stating he'll call Wendy's rehab center tomorrow. This hit really hard, it almost feels like killing her would have been less monstrous.

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Despite planning for their future, it's impossible anyone will get off easy during Sons of Anarchy's finale next week. Jax won't just let Clay walk away, and Tig has his own death sentence from Pope. Has Jax become completely corrupted by his obsession with vengeance? Who will live and who will die? Comment to let us know, and make sure you don't miss next week's episode by downloading BuddyTV's free iPhone app.

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