'Sons of Anarchy' S6 Finale Recap: A Happy Ending Turns Gruesome
'Sons of Anarchy' S6 Finale Recap: A Happy Ending Turns Gruesome
Chrissa Hardy
Chrissa Hardy
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This is it. The season is ending tonight and looking back, lots of major game changers took place for Jax and the MC. Clay is no longer a liability. He's no longer a dangerous wild card to the club or the Teller family. Otto also reached the end of his tragic journey in life.

Tara is most definitely still facing jail time, especially after not taking the DA's deal last week. And now that she's on the run with the boys, Jax is coming after her too. With an unpredictable grandma right behind him. Will she find a safe place to hide long term? Will they track her down tonight and kill her for her betrayal?

We're about to find out...

We open with Jax narrating like in the old SOA days. He's at the cemetery, sitting in front of Opie's grave, writing in his notebook to the boys. The message he's giving them is about craving everyday fear that has now become the norm. He regrets the violence, but sees no end to it. He's still not the same after Opie died. He's preparing them for the "defining day" ahead.

"Everything I do, is for my sons."

Diggin' the double meaning, guys.

The Search for Tara

Eli is with the DA and they're trying to locate Tara. He says she's running out of options and she's scared. They talk about her unknown whereabouts as if this was part of the plan. Could that be the case?

Gemma confronts Juice before the guys meet at the table. He's distant and trying to dodge her questions. She says she won't tell Jax about his overdose. He knows he shared too much with Nero and he's terrified that Nero will repeat that to Jax. For Juice's sake, I hope Nero keeps quiet because Juice's sanity is hanging by a thread. I really don't want to see him hanging by a noose for the second time.

Eli and the DA show up shortly after Jax does, and the DA wants a word with him, alone. Eli waits outside and the rest of the Sons leave the room as well. She's soft spoken and addresses him, not as a DA, but as a "mother who has made a lot of mistakes." She essentially defends Tara's decision to flee in an effort to protect the boys. She tells him that he's a husband, father, and a man, before any of his club responsibilities. And that he should own his place in those roles. 

At the table, they try to plan their next move with Tara. Jax is convinced that she wouldn't run with the boys. It would be too risky to take Abel far from his doctors. They decide to track her down and convince her not to rat. Juice asks the big question, "What if we can't?"

To which Jax replies, "then we'll do what we have to do."

Bobby reels him in and says they'll make that call once they know more. They plan to track down Margaret and her new lawyer to see if she's been in contact with them.

Unhappy Mayans

As this discussion ends, Alvarez shows up for a chat. He's not happy with the new Irish-August deal. He wants his regular shipment of guns immediately, despite Jax's mention of a transition period. He also plants the seed about Nero making a deal with the new Stockton Mayan Charter. Jax is pissed that he's hearing this for the first time and asks Happy to get Nero on the phone right away.

Jax pays a visit to see August and Nero is there too. Before August shows up, Jax approaches him aggressively about the Stockton charter. Nope. Nero is not going to put up with that. He says he only found out about that the day before, and he wouldn't keep that from Jax because he "doesn't keep secrets from friends."

Jax asks him what he means by that and Nero reveals what Juice told him. He also thinks that all of these bad things happening to Tara are karma for ending the life of another little boy's mother. Jax is speechless. Then the Mayans arrive.

August won't be attending these street meetings, but his representative is there to handle the trade. Once Tyler (August's rep) explains the new deal to Alvarez, the Sons leave. Nero helps the guys move the guns. Before he can handle the hardware, Alvarez decides to kill Tyler and the rest of August's street guys so they can keep the money and the guns. This is not a peaceful world you live in, Nero. Why do you still look so surprised by this needless violence?

Tara Makes a Deal

Tara calls her lawyer and says she's ready to take the deal with the DA. He says he needs to be the one bringing her in and it has to be that day. She says she'll text him her location, and he agrees to meet her there later.

As Tara's lawyer leaves his office, Juice tails him in a van with Bobby. Tara pulls up with the boys and Bobby and Juice keep a watchful eye. Her lawyer presents the deal in a stack of documents. Everything she wanted as long as she turns over the bullet. She will, however, have to testify in court if the case goes to trial. That seems a little risky for someone about to enter wit-sec, don't you think? I guess it makes sense though. She asks her lawyer to give her and the boys some alone time in the park. She gives him the room number to where she's staying so a transport can be arranged with the DA.

Barofsky's Back

At the crooked cop's doughnut shop, Barofsky agrees to keep an eye out for Tara. Jax also warns him about the new Mayan charter. Then he gets word that Juice and Bobby have followed Tara's lawyer to a park (a park that Abel loves) and he appears to be waiting for someone. Jax heads out immediately. Then Barofsky tells Chibs and Tig about the Niners' deaths from the meeting they just left.

Ick, Wendy

Back in Charming, Unser stops by Gemma's place. He'll be driving Wendy to rehab. Gemma tells Wendy she'll visit her on family day. Yikes. Has it really come to this? Are we slowly giving Wendy a more prominent spot in this crew?


Jax vs. Tara

At the park, Jax shows up. Scares the crap out of Tara. He takes the boys from her one by one and tells her to sit down. Bobby and Juice take them over to the playground so they can have it out. Tara is shaking, and assumes that Jax is about to kill her in front of them. She blames him for selfishly subjecting them to the pain he deals with every day. She tells him she gave up everything to be with him and she sees the monster that he's become. Jax reminds her that she came back to him and is part of who he has become. She says she'll leave. She just wants to say goodbye first.

He grabs her hand and asks her not to leave. He wants her to stay. He wants to forgive her and says that if she's a good mother, maybe she's their chance of happiness and sanity (all three of them).

This scene is intense and so real. Charlie Hunnam and Maggie Siff deserve awards. I could not breathe, or look away for one second.

The Break Up

Nero finds Gemma at Diosa. He's abrupt with her. She invites him to Jax's to help her clean, and he declines. He says he needs some space. She gets him to clearly admit that he wants to end their relationship and she leaves, furious.

A New Deal

When Eli and the DA arrive at Tara's motel room, they find Jax in there with her. He tells the DA that this is him, owning his place. He offers to turn himself in as the source for the KG9s as long as Tara and the club are protected. He wants to spend some time with the boys, but they can take him into custody that night. The DA agrees to this. Once she leaves, Jax tells Tara that he loves her. She says it back. Annnnd their passion for each other returns.

Fade to black.

Back at the table, Jax fills them in on the new deal. Chibs is bummed. Beyond bummed. They know he's going away for a long time. Is this for real? Does Jax have a secret plan? He must, right? He hands the gavel to Bobby. His final request as Mr. Pres is to do something about Juice. "He can't be trusted." Jax asks them to support Tara and he tells them that he loves them both.

Gemma's Deadly Misunderstanding

Unser finds Gemma stoned at her house. He tells her that Jax will be arrested that night. She tries to leave, but he tells her he should drive. She asks him to get her heart pills from the bathroom. And when he goes to get them, she heads out and grabs his keys.

At the ice cream shop, Unser tells Jax that Gemma was in rough shape and took his truck. My guess, is that she's going to go kill Tara because her little boy is going to jail when it should be her. Juice offers to go find her. Juice gives Jax a hug and when Jax gives him a kiss on the cheek, he tells him he's aware of the betrayal.

At the Teller house, Eli escorts Tara to the door. Unser's truck is in the driveway. Uh oh. When she calls out to Unser inside, she gets no response. Eli says he's going to wait outside. Tara thanks him and looks truly happy for the first time all season.

Then comes Gemma. She grabs Tara by the back of the neck and hits her in the side with an iron. She punches her twice, slams her head against the kitchen sink and shoves her face into a sink full of dishwater. She keeps her head submerged as she continues to stab her in the back of the head with a two-pronged fork.

Juice pulls up and tells Eli that Gemma took Unser's truck. Then they hear glass breaking. As they run inside, Tara appears to be dead in a pool of blood on the kitchen floor. Gemma is crying and keeps uttering, "it had to be done. She made a deal."

Eli tells her that she didn't rat, Jax gave himself up. Just as he goes to request back up, Juice shoots Eli in the back, twice. Really, Juice? This is your way of making things right?

He gives Gemma his hand and helps her up. I cannot believe this is happening. And there's still 20 minutes left!

Jax is with the boys, kissing them goodbye at the ice cream shop. He tells Chibs that Tara will pick them up after he goes into custody. He tearfully hugs each of the guys goodbye. These biker boys are murderous monsters, but they're irresistibly sweet too. He heads home.

Gemma returns Unser's truck and is a bloody, sobbing mess.

Nero shows up at the Mayan meeting, looking ready to join.

Juice dumps the murder weapons Gemma used in the dumpster. 

When Jax arrives home, he finds Tara and Eli on his kitchen floor. The happy ending he almost had with her, gone. For Tara, it's just the end. He cries and holds her body close to him. He kisses her one last time. The DA walks in as Jax comes completely undone.
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