'Sons of Anarchy' Recap: Getting Out of Guns, For Good?
'Sons of Anarchy' Recap: Getting Out of Guns, For Good?
Chrissa Hardy
Chrissa Hardy
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Clay is dead. Tara just saved Bobby's life, but kept the bullet she pulled out of him and still might hand it over to the DA. That exchange would make her a rat. Jax has officially gotten the club out of guns. But has he really?

We're on the episode before the finale. Historically, this is the one where all the action happens. Leaving the finale to tie everything together as the dust settles, right before the big cliffhanger.

Will it be the same tonight? Let's find out..

Moves and Counter Moves

Jax meets with the DA by a lovely tranquil pond to recap the bloody Irish mess the club left for her. Where did this pond come from? Seems like an ideal spot for journaling, Jax. Just a suggestion.

She's not happy about the diversion and how they busted Clay out of his transport car, killing one of her sheriffs. Jax maintains that he held up his end of the bargain. She says she'll decide after the investigation as to whether or not that's true.

Tara is monitoring Bobby at the cabin. Juice hands her a cup of tea, and things between them are still a little rocky based on his icy tone when he speaks to her. She gets a call from the DA about their deal. The DA can set up wit-sec and get everything set for her and her family. They agree to meet at the hospital and Tara will bring the bullet.

Connor gets Jax and Chibs up to speed on the latest with the kings. They haven't set up a deal with August yet. Jax warns him and the Chinese might move in on their location and stock now that Galen is dead. Connor says he'll keep them posted.

The guns arrive at the backwoods warehouse the Irish were using, and when Tigs and the newbies go check on the delivery, they kill the Irish cronies who were there to receive it. The Chinese arrive shortly after with Happy still handcuffed, hoping to be freed. But the Chinese pres is upset that he didn't get to do any Irish killing. He demands to have Connor delivered to him, or he won't let Happy live.

A Biz Lat Plea

Back at Diosa, a member of the Biz Lats stops by with a plea for Nero. The remaining members of their crew are fed up with the trouble brought on by the Sons and want separation. They never see Nero anymore, and their crew is falling apart. The leader of the Mayan crew wants to chat with Nero. Apparently he wants to offer some kind of help to get some space from the Sons. Nero agrees to meet with him.

At their meeting, Nero gets a warning from the Mayan pres. Jax handing over the gun market to August has set off a string of bad vibes. He predicts that a Stockton Mayan charter will be formed and "it'll be brown and yellow versus black and white." Nero suggests they stay neutral and the Mayan crew pres gets the award for best line of the night. "There ain't no Switzerland in the hood."

Irish Resistance

Jax tells Connor that the Chinese are responsible for his crew deaths at the warehouse. He also emphasizes that they would have extra protection if they just met with August. Connor agrees to do that.

Tara and the Bullet

The DA meets Tara at the hospital and Gemma passes by her in the hallway. Clearly she is suspicious, but the DA plays it off like she's there to visit a specialist about her wounded sheriffs. Once inside Tara's office, they show her the wit-sec document, but not the immunity. Tara says she'll only sign and hand over the bullet once her lawyer has both documents and tells her she's fully protected. She agrees to meet the DA at her office that night with the boys to hand over the bullet.

Think she'll go through with it?

Back at the cabin, Tara arrives with more supplies. Jax is there and pulls her aside for some very tense small talk. She tells him that she'll stay at the cabin that night to look after Bobby. He'll be out late cleaning up the mess with the Irish. As he goes to leave, Tara pulls him into a tearful hug. She apologizes and then pulls away quickly. Was that a goodbye hug? Or a plea to save her?

Juice's Attempt

Juice heads to Diosa at Bobby's suggestion to blow off steam from Clay's death and get his head right. He's clearly on something (he stole a bunch of Bobby's oxy earlier) and slinks down onto the lobby couch. Lyla comes over to see if he's okay. She starts to comfort him and Juice begins to cry. She leads Juice upstairs to one of the rooms and she tells him to get undressed and she'll send someone back. He requests "someone nice."

He stands in the bathroom with his shirt off, staring at his chest as he begins to have trouble breathing. What does he do? Pop a few more pills, of course! That'll do the trick.

Tara's Exit

Tara tucks Bobby in and slips out of her bedroom window. In the car, she gets a call from the DA saying that her lawyer received the paperwork and likes the deal. She says she'll call to confirm.

Gun Games

The Sons arrive to the meeting between Connor and August. Only August doesn't show up. The Chinese do instead and Jax faciliates the trade with Connor in order to get Happy back. The Chinese load Connor in their truck and go check on the guns. Then, their entire crew gets a bullet shower from the Niners and the Chinese are officially out of Nor Cal gun market.

Not bad, boys.

August shows up with the biggest dudes I've ever seen as bodyguards and talk to Connor about their proposed new deal. He has new territories to offer the IRA and will pay them well. So well, in fact, that he leaves a bag with half a million dollars with Connor as a gesture of good faith. He wants the kings to know how serious he is about the prospect of them working together.

Juice's Admission

Back at Diosa, Juice scares an escort when he overdoses and passes out. Gemma is there and Nero helps her make Juice barf up the pills. They leave him be for a while to wake up and Nero points out that this was clearly a suicide attempt. Just as Gemma goes to check on him, Tara calls in a panic. She says that Bobby's stitches have opened and he's bleeding. She says she needs Gemma to come up there and help her. The boys are at her house with Unser for the night, so Gemma says she's on her way.

Nero agrees to stay with Juice while she goes to check on Bobby. He gets Juice to walk around and then Juice confesses that he killed his cousin's old lady (mother of the shooter) and that Jax put him up to it as a way to earn his way back into the club. Juice cries and apologizes and falls to the floor. Nero looks at him in disgust.

Tara Gets Serious

At Gemma's house, Wendy and Unser are playing with the boys when Tara arrives. He refuses to let her leave with them. She turns Abel away and pulls out a gun. She tells Unser to let Gemma know that she pulled the gun on him and he had no choice. As they leave, Wendy yells to Abel, "I'm your real mother! I love you!" and Tara punches her in the face and leaves.

Unser calls Gemma as she's driving to tell her what happened and she immediately turns around.

Irish Goodbye

The Sons wait around for Connor to talk to the kings and get the okay to proceed with August. Connor says his goodbyes to Jax as they are now officially out of guns. When Connor leaves, they laugh together and breath a collective sigh of relief.

Sh** Hits the Fan

Then Jax's phone rings. Gemma, of course. Here we go, you guys....

Lyla rushes in to tell Nero that he needs to meet her at Jax's place. He doesn't look happy to do so, but he agrees.

In the car, Tara tries to explain to Abel that basically Wendy is crazy and she lied. She tells them both how much she loves them. They start to sing together as she drives to the DA's office. As she sings, Abel asks where Daddy is. Tara starts to cry. The DA is waiting around for her arrival.

But Tara never shows up. She checks into a shabby motel room with the boys instead. What the hell? How long do you think you'll be safe, Tara? Now you have the club and the DA looking to ruin you.

Jax throws a fit at his house when he finds the boys' rooms empty. Nero shows and up and looks like he's going to punch Jax, but comforts him instead. I think Jax is the son he could never fully bond with and mentor, and Nero is the dad that didn't die too soon or turn into a murderous monster. At their core, both of these men are peaceful and soft.

I guess we'll see how this plays out in the finale.

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