'Sons of Anarchy' Recap: Time for an Irish Bloodbath
'Sons of Anarchy' Recap: Time for an Irish Bloodbath
Chrissa Hardy
Chrissa Hardy
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We're not far from the finale, you guys. And historically, that means sh** is about to get really crazy, because the few episodes before the season finale are always more intense and action packed than the actual finale.

Will Jax and Tara proceed with the divorce? I mean, is there a chance of him ever forgiving her? What is next for Wendy? How will this final gun run/Clay escape for the Irish go down? Lots of players in this last trade, and even more guns. I have a feeling things about to get messy....

Loose Ends

Jax goes over the agreement he made with the DA. She has drawn up all paperwork, protecting SAMCRO from the gun charges, and keeping Tara out of jail. The DA says nothing is final until they have Galen.

Wendy is at Gemma's house. Nero is helping to keep an eye on her. Nero tries to gently question why Gemma has brought her here and not directly to a rehab facility. Gemma claims that because of their rough history, she wanted to do a little more to help Wendy. Then Nero asks if she can find any of that kindness and forgiveness for Tara. Gemma refuses, but thinks about it for a while before she does.

I used to think, when Gemma and Clay were happy and not physically harming each other of course, that they were the perfect biker couple. But rage + rage = destruction. Nero is her calming, positive balance. He's at peace, despite his rough past. Maybe he bring Gemma to that place someday.

Tara, Trapped

Tara drops the boys off with Unser so she can meet with her new lawyer. Her lawyer tells her that if they use the transcripts about Jax and the club as a defense to get custody, he will then be able to share his side. A public record will be made, and if the pregnancy gets questioned, she'll lose her credibility, custody of the boys, and possible get jail time for the forged medical records. Tara has officially lost everything and is trapped in this marriage.

Meanwhile back the TM, Gemma arrives to find the boys with Unser. Unser tries his hand at reasoning with Gemma. Things suck right now, but Tara is still their mother. They go back and forth a bit before she asks him why he's still around if the decisions she makes about the boys are such poor ones. He tells her he loves her. That he's IN love with her. Gemma has always known that. As have we. But this is the first time he's actually said it. And the words were heavy.

The Final Irish Run

The fellas are rolling deep as they head to meet Galen. The entire crew has come to Charming for this ride. Galen isn't there when they arrive. He's meeting them later at the hanger where the guns are. Connor goes through the route with them. They suit up and prepare to bust Clay out of his transport car. They have four trucks of different colors, and two men in each.

Here we go.....

Eli and his crew and a SWAT team are in position and ready to take down the Irish.

Jax gets the call that they're en route with Clay and the four trucks head out to meet them. They take out the truck leading Clay's transport car and then they surround that one next. All of them pile out of the trucks and hold the guards at gunpoint in order to get Clay out. When Jax pulls down his mask, Clay is very surprised to see him.

Then the call comes in to the sheriffs that the transport was botched and Clay has escaped. They all realize at that moment that they have been duped by the Sons, including the DA.

Just as the guys are pulling away from the transport cars, one of the guards pulls out his gun as they drive away and hits Bobby in the chest and the shoulder. Chibs tries to apply pressure, but it's not looking good.

Tara goes to Gemma's place to pick up the boys when Jax calls and requests her medical services to treat Bobby. Gemma hustles them out the door before Tara stops and points out that, hey, this is a little awkward right now, right? Ultimately she leaves the boys with Unser and goes to treat Bobby.

When the guys arrive at the hanger, they head into Galen's office. Clay and Galen greet each other, and just as Galen goes to thank Jax, Jax shoots Galen in the head. BOOM. Then the rest of the guys take out the few Irishmen that were with Galen. Clay is so shocked, it's like he's a newbie to the MC retaliation game.

Tara and Gemma arrive, and Tara tells Jax that Bobby's injuries are deep and she'll need surgical tools to do so. Clay and Gemma have a brief almost goodbye, because it looks like one more person is going down with this Irish deal and it's going to be Clay. Jax and the guys take Clay back into Galen's office and he stands in one of the corners.

Jax shoots Clay in the throat. Gemma sees the whole thing from the window and can barely stand. Jax shoots him several more times in the chest, to make it look like a shootout with Galen.

After six seasons, Clay Morrow is dead.

How do we feel, guys? Relief? Victorious? I feel hopeful for the club. For all of them, actually. Clay was holding all of them back from moving onto a better life. Maybe now they can.

Save Elvis!

Tara, Gemma, and Nero head to the club's cabin. Tara will perform surgery on Bobby there. Jax will meet them after they take care of Connor. Tara gets into the truck and briefly touches Jax's hand. He doesn't let her go right away and is surprised by the action. Now there's some hope already!

Gemma is emotional on the car ride and Tara rubs her shoulder for comfort. #Family

However, she does get a call from the DA, asking to meet at her office. Tara agrees. #Nevermind

One Final Deal

Connor arrives at the hanger and Jax leads him right into the office. He doesn't kill Connor. He feeds him the story of how it went down. Clay and Galen had a side deal that went bad. Clay shot Galen, and then the other men. The Sons had no choice but to kill Clay. Jax convinces Connor to give this story to the kings. That they still have a good gun business even though Clay won't be running it. They can go with August. And Connor basically just got a promotion.

They shake hands and that's that.

Back on the Table

Tara heads into the hospital to grab supplies for Bobby. In her office the DA and Eli are waiting. The DA offers her immunity and witsec for her and the boys. She just needs to prove that the Sons were involved in the Clay escape. She offers to provide the bullet she plans to pull out of Bobby. The DA says that'll work, but she needs to make her decision.

Up at the cabin, Tara revives Bobby and removes the bullet. After she finishes up, she and Jax are alone. He tells her that he understands that she didn't need to help them today, but thanks her for doing it anyway. He also tells her that he understands why she did what she did, and he's sorry that being with him brought her to that place.

After he leaves, she pulls the bullet from her pocket, wrapped in bloody gauze.

Think she'll give this to the DA? Will the fact that Jax delivered Galen to the DA be enough for them to keep their deal?

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