'Sons of Anarchy' Preview: 'Orca Shrugged'
'Sons of Anarchy' Preview: 'Orca Shrugged'
Carla Day
Carla Day
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With Opie put to rest, SAMCRO goes back to business as usual with a twist. On Sons of Anarchy, "Orca Shrugged," Jax begins to move the club in a more legitimate direction by partnering with Nero to open a brothel. In order to make it happen, Jax has to take a new approach and come to an agreement with a former foe.

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Spoiler alert: The preview contains some Sons of Anarchy spoilers for tonight's episode. I don't reveal any huge spoilers, but read at your own risk.

Jax informs the club that he is planning on partnering with Nero to open a new brothel. If all goes well,  he will make it club business and call for a vote. Instead, someone at the table recommends that he calls for the vote immediately.

In order for the brothel plan to work, Jax must secure the old Elks property. This leads Jax and the club to use blackmail. Their plan leads to some of the funniest and most awkward moments in Sons of Anarchy history. You won't want to miss it!

For now, SAMCRO has to continue to deal with the Irish and running guns. It's the first meeting between the Irish and the club since Jax has become President. Will Galen continue to work with them now that Clay out of the leadership role? Not without out a fight!

The robberies in Charming continue and that investigation takes an intriguing turn. Who is behind the robberies? And why? Up until now, nobody has been critically injured during the robberies, but that changes tonight. 

For more on "Orca Shrugged," watch the trailer for tonight's Sons of Anarchy.

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