'Sons of Anarchy' Best Tweets: 'With an X'
'Sons of Anarchy' Best Tweets: 'With an X'
No one can claim Sons of Anarchy fans aren't loyal. Once again, we attempted to trend out beloved show but Twitter was just not on our side. Next week we'll try again. We might not succeed but we'll have fun flooding timelines and losing followers as we try. Tonight, the countdown to episode six of season four, "With an X," began more than an hour before the show began and the tweets didn't stop until well after the episode was over. I've compiled ten of the best for your reading pleasure.

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#1. Montanamama is a woman after my own heart, saying: "There just something about a man on a motorcycle that makes me want to jump on the back & yell 'GO!'"

#2. MagnoliaVTGmama posed a very serious and intriguing question I would like answered: "What is the magic that happens, that sound that happens when two dudes in biker jackets hug? WHAT is that?!"

#3. BlondeinDC09 has her priorities in order, stating quite simply: "No one or no other show is coming between me and Sons of Anarchy tonight. Sorry roomies, this is one war you will not win."

#4. Monicore says what I've been thinking all day (maybe even all week, minus the 'tonight' part): "Excited for new ep of Sons of Anarchy tonight! Nothing better happen to Theo Rossi! I love me some Juice!

#5. Te_amo_musica professes her love: "I love me some pissed off Jax."

#6. NicoleLevay shares her pain, saying: "I'm having anxiety about moving into my new apt because I might miss a new ep of Sons of Anarchy."

#7. Christianedoom speaks the truth, tweeting: "A week is too long and an hour is too short."

#8. Alitlmonkee does what she has to do to get her SOA fix, tweeting: "I have just consumed massive amounts of sugar to stay awake for Sons of Anarchy tonight."

#9. Celticscorpion has the right idea, admitting: "Wine at the ready. I feel as though I may need it for this episode of Sons of Anarchy."

#10. Watchersanarchy offers sage (?) advice to Opie, warning: "Dear Opie, you can't change a hoe into a housewife. Sincerely, Life."

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