'Sons of Anarchy' Awesome Quotes: 'Burnt and Purged Away'
'Sons of Anarchy' Awesome Quotes: 'Burnt and Purged Away'
Things started to reach their climax in this week's episode of Sons of Anarchy. While some members are headed to jail, some members have turned into rats. The episode ends with a tense stand off between Clay, Jax and Opie and one can only imagine that nothing will ever be the same after hearing those two gunshots in the clubhouse. Who will be left standing by the time this season is over and what will remain of SAMCRO? With only two episodes left in the season, I honestly have no idea where things are going and I like that. I like it a lot. I couldn't just choose 10 quotes from this episode as the best but I've narrowed it down as much as possible. Enjoy!

Galen: "Hard to be discreet with RPGs, 50 cals and sniper rifles."

Potter: "Juan Carlos just locked down out Irish gun meet."

Jax (to Bobby and Clay): "After this deal goes down tomorrow, we put a ticking clock on the blow. Tell Romeo we'll still run his guns but he's gotta find someone else to mule. Blame it on the Irish. Tell Galindo they're gonna bail if we keep truckin' powder."
Clay: "It's too soon to push for that."
Jax: "No, it's too late."

Jax: "Look, we gotta close this deal before we tell the club. I don't want my exit pullin' focus."

Potter: "We'd like to get the details on Mayer Quimby's housing proposal."

Clay: "Irish have concerns, man. They're afraid that blood and headlines are gonna stain their cause."

Romeo: "Let us know when she's released. We'll finish this - make it look like an accident. No mistakes this time."

Unser (about Piney's body): "Turns out he wasn't dead. Got up and walked away."

Gemma (about Opie): "After Donna, he'll kill Clay."
Unser: "My intention, Gemma."

Gemma: "I am protecting what it took me twenty-five goddamn years to build. That's what I'm doing."

Galen (to Jax): "Stay close and look tough. Should be all we need. Understand?"

Tig: "That ain't good."

Jax (to Chibs): "No guns, bro. Too many kids."

Jax (to Galen): "Yeah, well ya didn't tell us we'd be strong arming the US half of your black market baby ring."

Galen (to Clay about Jax): "He's hot headed and unstable. Throw him into the mix with the Mexicans and I've no faith it doesn't turn bloody."

Jax (to Clay about Wendy): "I gotta bounce someone's head off twelve steps."

Otto (to Potter): "Yeah. I'm completely at peace."

Wendy (to Jax): "You are a felon on release and as frightening as this notion may be, I'm probably the most stable adult in Abel's life."

Clay (to Tara): "You need to give me the letters, Tara."

Tara (about the letters): "And if I don't give them to you?"
Clay: "I'm not sure you and Jax ever make it outta Charming."

Gemma: "I'd watch your back. Opie will want a settled score. I love you, Clay."

Jax: "I don't give a shit what anyone wants, including you. We're going. Tara has an offer from the hospital in Oregon. The day after tomorrow, we're packing up out boys and we're gettin' outta Charming."

Gemma: "You have no idea what I've done to protect you and Jax."
Tara: "Protect us from what? I just wanted him to know the truth."
Gemma: "Is that what you want, sweetheart? Truth, because I've got buckets of it. I could drown you in truth."

Otto: "Time for you to start a list, Bobby."

Opie (to Unser): "Not really in the mood to talk right now."

Opie (to Jax): "I just wanted to say goodbye. I know that he'd want you here."

Jax: "You wanna tell me what happened to Piney?"
Opie (pulls a gun on Jax): "You should know. You're Clay's boy."

Jax (to Opie): "If Clay did this, it's a club issue. Let's take it to the table. Let everyone know."
Opie: "What table? You're out. Remember?"

Jax: "Is that a hearse?"

Unser (about the hearse): "Give 'em the keys before we both end up in the back of it."

Opie (to Clay): "Sit. You're gonna die at the gaval."
Clay: "Do I get to say anything here?"
Opie: "My old man get to say anything before you blew a hole in his chest?"

Jax: "Ope, put it down. Please don't make me kill you."

Wanda Fraser
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