The 'SYTYCD' Top 6: Who's (Really) Going Home?
The 'SYTYCD' Top 6: Who's (Really) Going Home?
What else can happen after the "dramatic" results show on last week's So You Think You Can Dance, where the judges didn't send anyone home? A doubly "dramatic" results show this week, with two people going home!

Sounding cynical? Nah, I just like quoting Cat Deeley, and using "dramatic" is easier than trying to find an opportunity to mention "sex bomb" on my articles. In fact, I actually see tonight's eliminations as (to borrow a concept from Lost) a way for the universe to correct its course. Your poll results remain the same as last week's. Tara Spicer and yours truly have pretty much the same picks. Things should go well, right?

But with the history of surprises this season -- well, you know the drill. Repeat after me: I will not be surprised if...

Poll results from last night's live recap:

Jose Ruiz -- 76%
Adechike Torbert -- 7%
Billy Bell -- 7%

The only finalist to not get any votes: Kent Boyd.

Tara and Henrik's picks for elimination:

We ended last night's show with news that Lauren Froderman was meeting with the medics, suggesting that she got injured -- and raising the possibility that she might be going home tonight. So we're doing something different this week. With two people going home, Tara and I will chose one finalist who's certainly going home (if Lauren isn't well enough), and another finalist who could go home is Lauren is still a go. And yes, we chose the same two people.

Definitely going home: Jose Ruiz

Tara: "He consistently pales in comparison to his fellow dancers, whether he's performing with other contestants or with the All-Stars."
Henrik: "After last week's 'dramatic results show,' I don't think Jose has gained any fans the same way Billy somehow did."

Could be going home: Robert Roldan

Tara: "I thought he did great last night, but America tends to think differently than I do on that one."
Henrik: "Despite turning in strong performances this week, he isn't memorable enough -- and it doesn't help that he's been at the bottom three before."

According to reports, Lauren suffered from dehydration and a concussion, and is currently in hospital. She could be well enough to dance next week, but we can never be so sure.

A piece of advice for whoever goes home tonight: don't waste the pretty. Yes, I'm quoting tonight's musical guest -- being a huge Allison Iraheta fan, you also should've seen that coming...

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