'SYTYCD' Top 8 Results: Who Goes Home?
'SYTYCD' Top 8 Results: Who Goes Home?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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The girls are safe, that's all I know for sure. So You Think You Can Dance is down to the Top 8, and these results might be a little anti-climactic if Alex Wong's doctors say he can't compete. What two dancers will join him in the Bottom 3 and will Mia Michaels continue to be a massive beeyotch to Adechike Torbert, forcing me to say, "See you next Thursday" to her?

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After a Heavenly group routine (literally, there were angels and clouds), Cat Deeley sings the praises of Emmy nominees Mia Michaels, Stacey Tookey, Adam Shankman, Chelsie Hightower and the makeup team of SYTYCD. Nigel adds that a Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton is trying to get July 31 certified as an official National Dance Day and that there's going to be a government flash mob in Washington D.C. SYTYCD is going to be insaney awesome that week.

We already know Alex Wong is automatically in the Bottom 3, so we're just looking for two more.

Lauren Froderman is...SAFE

Billy Bell is...IN THE BOTTOM 3

Screw you, America. Billy Bell is freaking AMAZING and he's one of the two lowest vote-getters? Shankman suggests that Billy give up trying to impress voters and he should just do what he does best - dance. This is preposterous because it's very obviously NOT about dancing.

How desperate is American Idol? Cat is pimping the auditions for next season.

Kent Boyd is...SAFE
Jose Ruiz is...SAFE
Robert Roldan is...SAFE

In the backstage footage we see Comfort Fedoke slap Kent. I wouldn't mind doing that. His farm boy naivete is getting a bit annoying. I also guess getting outdanced by Lauren Gottlieb and Billy Bell didn't hurt Jose at all. At least Robert is FINALLY out of the Bottom 3 since there's no reason he should be there.

Adechike Torbert is...SAFE
Ashley Galvan is...IN THE BOTTOM 3

Yikes, Mia Michaels comments about Adechike not having a heart like Jose and how much she missed Alex sound even worse the second time around. On the bright side, Mia apologizes to Adechike for being a King Kamehameha Beeyotch last night. But good for him it seems like her meanness helped get Adechike some serious sympathy votes.

Man, this is insane. So now the judges have to eliminate yet another girl OR one of the best two dancers this week.

The Solos

Billy Bell: The elastic boy returns and he moves around the stage like a puppet, throwing himself hither and thither in unnatural ways.

Ashley Galvan: Wow, that was easily the best female solo we've seen on a results show. She doesn't have the magical gifts of Billy, but there's no way she deserves to go home either.

The Results

Alex Wong has a lacerated Achilles tendon, so in other words, all of tonight was an exercise in futility. He's having an operation on Tuesday and the doctors are recommending threemonths of rest.

Alex Wong is eliminated

Luckily for him, Alex is invited back next season. Again. They'll keep putting him on the show until he wins! Sad to see him go, but at least it's not because America voted poorly and it's something out of anyone's control.

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