'SYTYCD' Top 7 Performance Recap: Another Injury and Two New Styles
'SYTYCD' Top 7 Performance Recap: Another Injury and Two New Styles
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Last week the So You Think You Can Dance Top 8 performed, but only seven of them made it to the stage. With Alex Wong's injury, the same seven are back again with two dances each, but this time, a lucky break of the Achilles tendon won't save anyone, they need to save themselves.

Intro: Where's Ashley Galvan? She's injured after rehearsals on Monday and she's NOT dancing tonight. Same rules apply as last week: she's automatically in the Bottom 3 tomorrow and if she can't dance next week, she's out.

While she's out, we do get a video from Alex Wong in the hospital, which cheers me up a bit. But if we have two straight weeks of injury-related withdrawals, SYTYCD is going to need to re-examine the whole process.

Lauren Froderman and Mark Kanamura
Tahitian choreographed by Tiana Liufau
Song: "Jungle" by Last Voices

So we get a totally new dance style this week with a Tahitian dance. Maybe it's the Brazilian Carnivale-esque costumes, but this is very different and very confusing. I don't find it particularly compelling, and Mark's hip thrusts are a lot more impressive than Lauren's. Nigel Lythgoe agrees with my confusion, as he's unable to critique it technically.

Adechike Torbert and Anya Garnis
Salsa choreographed by Liz Lira
Song: "Oyelo Que Te Conviene" by Eddie Palmieri

She's choreographed a difficult competitive salsa, which spells disaster for Adechike. Much like every man not named Pasha Kovalev who dances with Anya, Adechike just doesn't have the technical skill in this style to compare. Mia Michaels is nicer than she's ever been to Adechike (which is still a little harsh), which means she really wants him to wind up in the Bottom 3.

Jose Ruiz and Courtney Galiano
Broadway choreographed by Joey Dowling
Song: "Mister Cellophane" from Chicago

Jose is very weak because it's a real stretch for him to play a guy full of sadness who no one notices. His total inability to play the emotion forces him to rely on more than his charm, which the judges call him out on. The worst part is that Nigel seems genuinely sorry that he has to judge Jose on dancing and NOT personality. The worster part is that the sad puppy dog eyes he flashes are sure to give him enough votes to stay. The worstest part is that Adam Shankman tells Jose that he needs dance lessons, yet they all think it's OK that he's in this competition.

Robert Raldan and Allison Holker
Contemporary choreographed by Travis Wall
Song: "Fix You" by Coldplay

This dance is about Travis and his mom, who recently went through a medical problem.  Since Robert's mom is a cancer survivor, this is very emotional. It's as strong as the memorable "cancer dance" and it just makes me tear up. The best part is that this dance isn't maudlin, it's triumphant and about the battle and the pure energy and positivity of dealing with a crisis. Dear God, give Travis Wall an Emmy right now. The judges rave, Mia cries and Robert is guaranteed safety this week.

Billy Bell and Anya Garnis
Jive choreographed by Louis van Amstel
Song:"Paradise by the Dashboard Light" by Meat Loaf

Anya is pulling double duty tonight! It's also great to see Louis again, I just wish he brought Niecy Nash and Kelly Osbourne with him. This is vintage van Amstel rock 'n' roll and it's pretty awesome. Billy does a much better job keeping up with Anya than Adechike did, and for most of it I think he looks like Zac Efron in Hairspray. Things get cheeky when Cat Deeley spends the whole time talking about a "sex bomb," but Billy thinks she says "sex bum."

Kent Boyd and Neil Haskell
Broadway choreographed by Tyce Diorio
Song: "Shoeless Joe from Hannibal, MO" from Damn Yankees

Kent and Neil in baseball uniforms? Adorable, but a little too silly. It reminded me of the 7th Heaven musical episode where Thomas Dekker (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles) did a song and dance with the high school baseball routine. It's everything that people who love Kent love and it's everything that people who hate him hate. Though Nigel thinks Kent was amazing I actually thought Neil showed him up a bit.

Billy Bell and Lauren Froderman
Jazz choreographed by Mandy Moore
Song: "Boogie Shoes" by KC and the Sunshine Band

I love this cute little routine about fancy footwork. The problem is that it's slight and pleasant, but not AMAZING. This is more like a great vanilla ice cream cone that tastes delicious but has no spark to make it extra special. This was just good and, as the judges say, "happy-making." Hopefully some strong, quality, fun dancing will make people vote for Billy and get him out of the Bottom 3.

Jose Ruiz and Dominic Sandoval
B-Boy choreographed by Tabitha and Napoleon d'Umo
Song:"Battle for the Beat" by District 78

Because he proved in his first dance that he's pretty bad, I'm even more offended that the show decided to give him an amazing Nappy Tabs routine with Dominic in his own style, the first time SYTYCD has ever done a b-boy number. Having said that, there's no denying this is is incredibly good and very entertaining. Nigel makes me madder than a hatter when he says that no one else this season could've done what Jose just did.


That's like praising Melinda Sullivan for being able to tap because no one else could do it. The judges praising him for doing what he does is embarassing, offensive, intellectually dishonest and makes me HATE Jose even more, despite the fact that I enjoyed the routine. Letting anyone do a routine that they would NEVER give to another dancer is wrong.

Adechike Torbert and Kent Boyd
Contemporary choreographed by Dee Caspary
Song: "You Only Disappear" by Tom McRae

The dance is all about Adechike trying to get Kent out of a bad relationship, and despite the fact that I'm so over both of these guys, I LOVE this routine. It forces both of them to be serious, so they can't rely on their personalities. Instead, we get them doing some insanely great movements that are better than they've ever done before.  I loved the raw dance ability and lack of cloying, cheesy charm.

Robert Roldan and Ashley Galvan Kathryn McCormick
Disco choreographed by Doriana Sanchez
Song: "Instant Replay" by Dan Hartman

Disco is so stupid but so entertaining. That perfectly describes this routine. I'd like to add that Kathryn has done jazz, contemporary, Bollywood and now disco this season. That woman is being challenged more than some of the actual contestants.

So that does it. With so many strong routines, who will join Ashley Galvan in the Bottom 3, and will it even matter, or will her rib injury cause another withdrawal?

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