'SYTYCD' Top 6 Results: A Shocking Twist
'SYTYCD' Top 6 Results: A Shocking Twist
Tara Spicer
Tara Spicer
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Last night we saw some incredible performances (I'm talking to you, Adechike Torbert) and some not so incredible performances (cape or no cape, it's time for Jose Ruiz to go home.) Tonight we'll find out who will be joining Billy Bell and his injured knee in the Bottom 3. Will Billy be saying goodbye just like Alex Wong and Ashley Galvan? I don't mean to be all doom-and-gloom, but we all know these kinds of things happen tend to happen in three's...

We open tonight with a smokey jazz routine (jazz hands and all), and Cat Deeley looks like a piano lounge singer thanks to the giant pink flower in her hair. She reintroduces Kenny Ortega as a guest judge, and pays tribute to famed choreographer, Denise Jefferson, who passed away recently; it's a bittersweet night for the dance world.

And now the results...

Lauren Froderman is...SAFE

Kent Boyd is...SAFE

I know, I know. Shocker. Did any of you think either of these blonde powerhouses wouldn't be safe? These two are clearly judge favorites--not to mention America's favorites--and last night was no exception.

Adechike Torbert is...SAFE

Jose Ruiz is...IN THE BOTTOM 3

Robert Roldan is...IN THE BOTTOM 3

Clearly Adechike's moving lyrical hip-hop performance last night was enough to keep him safe this week. I'm happy for him, though disappointed to see Robert in the Bottom 3 (I thought his routine with all-star Lauren Gottlieb was one of the night's best, and I know Adam Shankman would agree.) As for Jose...well...he's right where he belongs. Sorry, Jose.

[NIGEL NEWSFLASH: Allstars Allison Holker, Dominic Sandoval, Courtney Galiano, and Ade Obayomi will be going on the upcoming 'SYTYCD' Tour]


Robert Roldan demonstrates balance, strength, and grace in an impressive solo. And check it out, Mia Michaels! His toes are perfectly pointed! If this dance is any indication, Robert won't be the one going home tonight.

Jose Ruiz does the same B-Boying performance that we've all seen countless times before. He's wearing a big smile during his routine, which begs the question: what are you so happy about?! If Billy doesn't go home tonight, it's probably going to be your dancer's feet on the chopping block.

Nigel announces that he and his fellow judges have come to an unprecedented conclusion and that conclusion is:



(Whoa there, Nigel.)

The rationale behind this is that Robert and Jose aren't "growing enough" as dancers, but will have another chance to prove their evolution. Billy--who was technically cleared to dance by his doctors this week but didn't--will be dancing next week. Translation: the judges are copping out because they're unable to make up their minds.

And there you have it. A seriously weird show. Cat Deeley announces "maybe I'll just dance next week!" You do that, Cat. You've totally got my vote.

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