'SYTYCD' Top 3 Performance Recap: Two Guys, a Girl, and Your Final Vote
'SYTYCD' Top 3 Performance Recap: Two Guys, a Girl, and Your Final Vote
Tara Spicer
Tara Spicer
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
It's finally here: the So You Think You Can Dance finale week. I know that some of you (and your trigger-happy fingers) are just itching to dial in your vote for Kent Boyd and Lauren Froderman. And then there's the rest of you who are voting for Robert Roldan tonight. I applaud you. In a parallel universe where Viennese Waltzes and Matrix-y routines reign, he's already won. So take comfort in that.

Tonight we'll watch all three dancers perform, and I can't wait to see what their crowning moments will be. I think Kent has the best chance of racking up votes tonight--especially if his contemporary routine last week was any indication of what's to come--but I'm really rooting for Lauren. She may be the last girl standing, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that, after tomorrow, she'll be the last contestant standing.


We open with a dramatic montage that highlights the past season, complete with all three dancers halo'ed in ethereal white light. Cat Deeley introduces the three "jidges," and then it's on to another dramatic montage that showcases plenty of tears, spandex, and songs by Coldplay. Or rather, the same Coldplay song that's been playing this entire season. What is this song, anyway?

Anyway, on with the evening's performances...

Kent Boyd and Lauren Gottlieb

Style: Bollywood
Is it me or have there been a lot of Bollywood routines this season? This fun, campy routine was--to quote Mia Michaels--"perfectly tailored" for Kent and his signature grin. Mia coins a new verb ("Kentish"), and Adam Shankman announces that "the energizer bunny should just retire." I still liked Robert Roldan and Billy Bell's Bollywood routine better, but this was a solid start to the evening.

Lauren Froderman and Stephen "Twitch" Boss

Style: Hip-hop
I never know who deserves more praise: Tabitha and Napolean D'umo for the sick choreography they craft each week or the dancers who bring the routines to life. Lauren shows her patriotic colors (and does the choreography complete justice), in this campaign-flavored performance.Cat Deeley tells her "I would vote for you!" and Nigel Lythgoe assaults my brain with bad visual imagery when he says "I hope Sarah Palin doesn't pick this routine up."

Robert Roldan and Mark Kanemura
Style: Jazz
I am beyond stoked that Robert is dancing to Devo's "Whip It" (first and foremost), and his performance is jolting. Literally. He looks like he's being shocked by massive volts of electricity. His performance, while not his best of the season, is entertaining. The judges are unanimous in their praise, but Cat Deeley wins my heart the most when she calls Robert and Mark "Kooky Bonkers." That just became my favorite adjective. 

Kent Boyd (solo)

I'm not that impressed with Kent's solo (I'm pretty sure that he falls at one point and covers it nicely with a sneaky slide-on-the-floor move), but I doubt he has to worry since tweens all over America were probably focused on his chest anyway.

Lauren Froderman
and Robert Roldan
Style: Contemporary
This sweet, dreamy dance gets immediate points for prop creativity (a pillow). I'm reminded of Sleeping Beauty and her Prince when I watch Lauren leap gracefully into Robert's (padded) arms. Adam Shankman calls this a performance of "magnificent beauty," and Mia Michaels sounds like she wants to gobble Robert right up (literally) when she declares this his "most delicious performance." I'm riiight there with you, Mama Mia.

Kent Boyd and Lauren Froderman
Style: Jazz
The last time these two danced together, they made out all over the stage. Fortunately we spared the PDA this time, but we were also spared an interesting dance. While these two are the perfect picture of spunky geek love, Nigel Lythgoe hits the nail on the head when he says "I don't think [you two] were challenged enough." This is my least favorite performance of the night so far, and I think choreographer Mandy Moore is the culprit.

Robert Roldan (solo)
Robert, who has evolved greatly since the start of the show, boasts a solid solo performance tonight. His routine is better than Kent's solo, but he should still be worried for tomorrow.

Kent Boyd and Allison Holker

Style: Contemporary
This routine is emotional (arguably too emotional for Kent who looks like a wounded puppy when it's all over), and the judges praise him for his ability to connect with Allison--who might just be my favorite all-star ever. Adam Shankman nearly has a heart attack and turns purple when Kent admits that he was so invested that he forget about the actual steps. Of his two performances tonight, this is Kent's best. 

Lauren Froderman (solo)
Hands down the best solo of the evening. Gumby and Shakira could have a love child and she still wouldn't be as flexible as LoFro. Cat Deeley is amazed Lauren still alive after the routine, and so am I.

Robert Roldan and Kathryn McCormick
Style: Broadway
I love Robert, but I'm not exactly blown away by this performance. While he shows off plenty of upper body strength by lifting Kathryn all over the place, I get the impression that he's working his cute little butt off without having enough fun in the process. I daresay Mia Michaels is the only judge who knows what she's talking about when says it needed "a bit more simmer and sizzle." 

Lauren Froderman and Pasha Kovalev

Style: Cha Cha
This season has proven that the best routines often come last, and this performance is no exception. If Mary Murphy were still a judge on this show, this routine would have earned Lauren (and probably bare-chested Pasha) limitless rides on the Hot Tamale Train. Nigel Lythgoe calls the smoldering performance "damn near perfect," and Adam Shankman tells Lauren "you dance as effortlessly as most people breathe."

Robert Roldan and Kent Boyd
Style: Malevos
How appropriate that the final dance of the performance finale should end in a man duel. This battle of brawn and fancy footwork was performed better by Robert (Kent didn't boast as much upper body strength in his lifts), and it was neither the best performance of the evening nor the worst. The judges were generous enough in their praise, and Cat Deeley showed some love by sporting Robert's sweaty cap.

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