'So You Think You Can Dance' Videos: Time to Meet the Dancers
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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We know who the So You Think You Can Dance contestants are, but that's about it thus far. It's time to learn more. For example, which star has a fondness for professional wrestling? Who might be described as a "home-skillet biscuit?" And which Top-20 dancer dreams of red velvet cakes and rainbows?

Check out the pre-season interviews to find out!

Alexander and Jordan

  • Alexander has tried out for So You Think You Can Dance a lot.
  • Jordan has not.
  • Alexander is excellent at the deer-in-headlights stare.
  • Jordan Casanova: "Being here is like the cherry on top of red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting. It's also like sliding down a rainbow. It's like a sparkly bow on top of a Christmas present. It's so many amazing things, and I can't even say that it means everything, because it means so much more than that." 
  • Jordan really, really likes Beyonce. A lot.

Marko and Iveta

  • These are not short-answer people.
  • But they do agree a lot.

Wadi and Sasha

  • Wadi has a big hat.
  • They giggle a lot.
  • Do they have "it?"
  • Awwww... Dancers give back and stuff.

Caitlynn and Tadd

  • They're afraid of tennis balls.

Miranda and Ricky

  • Is it just me, or do these two sound like their giving an elementary-school book report?
  • Miranda: "Everyone's so inspiring in just their normal state." (Melanie has met far more interesting people than me.)

Melanie and Mitchell

  • Melanie's strategy includes drinking water. Water is important.
  • Mitchell doesn't want to drop a girl. Because they get mad.
  • Melanie is Mitchell's home-skillet biscuit.

Missy and Chris

  • I'm not exactly sure how a tutu would help in potty training.

Clarice and Jess

  • Why exactly is Clarice wearing a Muppet on her shoulder?

Ashley and Nick

  • Ashley loves her dad, even if she forgets to mention him.
  • There's something amusing about a dancer ending a sentence with "and all that jazz."

Robert and Ryan

  • A WWE-inspired dance would be awesome. Even if Robert might watch a little too much wrestling.
  • Oh right. He's the woo guy. Too much woo.

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