So You Think You Can Dance: Top 12, Live Results
Who knows?  Really.  The outcome of tonight's So You Think You Can Dance results show is completely up in the air.  Thankfully, for the sake of drama, this has been the case for most of the season.  For the guys, the favorite to be eliminated has to be Hok, but you never know, he may not even be in the bottom three.  After that, Kameron is probably next in line, but even that is questionable, especially when we add the solo routines to the equation.  For the girls, everyone has to be a possibility, just because they were all so good last night. 

I'll be here throughout the hour to give the live results as they come.

The group routine is a Swing dance.  The dudes are dressed like sailors.  I think it's an Andrews Sisters song.  I could be wrong though.  This is a very underwhelming routine.  Nothing all that special.  Maybe the producers gave them something easy for a little break.  Was that dance sponsored by the government?  Some sort of diabolical recruitment plan?

Cat is wearing some big earrings.  I feel like you should know this. 

Results right away.  Good.

Dominic and Sabra: Safe.  Sweet.

Anya and Danny: Bottom three. Perhaps undeserved, but they've got to put three couples in the bottom.

Jaimie and Hok: In the bottom three.  Goodbye, Hok.  It's been fun.

Sara and Pasha: Safe, thankfully.

Jaimie is wearing a bikini top on stage, presumably the outfit she'll be dancing her solo in.  Nice.  Nigel gives a long speech about how great Jaimie has been and gives a shout-out to her dance teacher.  This might be a set-up for her elimination.  We shall see.

Lauren and Neil: In the bottom three.

Lacey and Kameron:  Man, that Fergie song was annoying. Stop buying her records, America!  They are safe, although they shouldn't be. 

Predictions: Jaimie and Hok go home.  But, it could be Lauren or Anya. 

Jason Samuel Smith is a special guest tonight.  He's a pro tap dancer.  This is guy is really good at tap dancing.  I mean, just incredible.  However, it's such a specialized thing.  Gimmicky.  I don't think I could watch this for more that 5 or 10 minutes.  It's like someone who's really good at Yo-Yo.  That being said, this guy was ridiculous. 

Time for the solo routines:

Anya:  She does a Tina Turner impression to "Proud Mary", twisting around and shaking a bunch.  Better than her previous solos.

Danny:  He does his elegant, Danny thing.  The judges will love it and he'll stick around.

Jaimie: She's a pretty awesome dancer.  Big jumps, and sweet moves.  I don't think the judges can eliminate her now.

Hok: He threw his heart out there on the dance floor.  His best solo ever.  I still think he's going to be eliminated, but this might make the judges think twice.

Lauren: Better than Anya, not as good as Jaimie.  She might be in danger.

Neil: He can jump really high.  But that's all he does.  That, and spin.  So, impressive in an athletic sense, but weak in a creative sense.

The judges head back stage to deliberate and Enrique Iglesias comes out to perform.  Hopefully, he'll break the string of guest singers who lip-synced.

And, he's not lip-syncing!  Hooray!  The song is quite crappy, however.

I'm changing my prediction: Anya and Hok will be eliminated.

Final results time.  These are going to be some brutal eliminations.

Girls first.  The judges are not unanimous.  Jaimie is safe.

Lauren is safe.

Anya is going home.  I think that's probably the right decision. 

Time for the guys.  The judges were unanimous. 

Hok is going home.

And that's the show.  We'll be back tomorrow for exclusive interviews with both Hok and Anya.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image Courtesy of FOX)