So You Think You Can Dance: Top 12 Performance Show Recap
So You Think You Can Dance will unveil its top ten tomorrow night.  America will let their voices be heard, and the judges will eliminate to very, very unhappy contestants. Why unhappy?  Because being eliminated from the top 12 means that you were excruciatingly close to the top ten, which would have meant you would get to go on the So You Think You Can Dance tour.  Kind of a big hurdle, getting into that top ten.  That being said, the judges are going to have some mighty tough decisions tomorrow.  Every girl received compliments tonight.  For them, it's a crapshoot.  For the guy's, it's between either Kameron and Hok, both of whom were criticized somewhat harshly by the judges.  Anyway, this is what happened on tonight's So You Think You Can Dance performance show.

Before the dancing begins, Cat makes an announcement: the couples will be splitting up as of next week and, from then on out, couples will be switched every week.  Wade Robson is the guest judge thus week.

Sabra Johnson and Dominic Sandoval – Jive

At the end of their routine tonight, Nigel called these two the second best couple the show has ever had, second to Benji and Heidi from last year.  Not because they are the most talented, but because together they are a machine.  They've brought energy and excitement and fearlessness to every dance they've performed and tonight was no different.  This was an awesome, intense, high-energy jive routine.  They'll be safe tomorrow. 

Hok Konishi and Jaimie Goodwin - Broadway

This Tyce DiOrio piece wasn't my favorite.  It was slow, methodical, smooth and appeared to have a low level of difficulty.  Hok played an old man to Jaimie's...something.  The story didn't come across and I was left indifferent.  The judges are pretty hard on Hok, which sets up very well for his elimination tomorrow.  They all love Jaimie, and rightfully so.  She definitely out shined Hok.

Pasha Pkovalev and Sara Von Gilern - Jazz

My favorite routine of the night by my favorite couple thus far.  These two have brought it both weeks they've been together and I continue to be amazed by both their abilities to perform well in a number of unfamiliar genres. This routine was 80s retro all the way: dorky fitness outfits, suspenders, and a Queen song in the background.  The choreography was very inventive and totally unlike anything we've ever seen on the show.  The judges really like it, as they should.  I hope they're safe tomorrow.

Neil Haskell and Lauren Gottleib - Contemporary

The weirdest routine of the season.  Guess who it's by?  Mia Michaels, of course.  I can't even begin to explain it.  They wore goggles and were dressed in matching dress shirts with ties.  They occasionally stopped in the middle of dancing and bobbed up and down.  They perform it well, and the routine is enjoyable, but oddly so.  Both Wade and Mary like it, despite not knowing what t he hell is going on.  Nigel admits that it might be the work of a genius, but he didn't enjoy it.

Danny Tidwell and Anya Garnis - Foxtrot

Even though Sara and Pasha's routine was my favorite of the night, I can freely admit that this was the best of the night.  This kind of elegant routine is exactly the kind of thing that Danny dominates.  I mean, he was ridiculously good in this routine, even showing a little life, which was non-existent before tonight.  Anya was great, as she typically is in ballroom routines.  Nothing more to say.  An elegant, perfectly executed routine.  The judges go crazy over it.

Kameron Bing and Lacey Schwimmer – Hip/Hop

The biggest disappointment of the night, easily.  I was expecting a lot from these two, as I'm sure everyone was, and they didn't deliver.  Expectations were high, sure, but Kameron especially didn't step it up like he needed to in his last week with Lacey.  Lacey played a “dirty girl” and Kameron played a nice guy and there was some cat and mouse. Being played.  Each dancer got their won little solo during the routine, and neither was all that exciting.  The judges are pretty down on the whole thing, especially Wade, who critiques for a long time.  

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image Courtesy of RealityTV Magazine)