So You Think You Can Dance: Top 14 Performance Show, Live Thoughts
So You Think You Can Dance returns tonight after a nearly two-week holiday break.  Mercifully, FOX has made tonight's performance episode a 90-minute affair, rather than the overlong two-hour episodes the last few performance shows.   It's hard to identify clear favorites at this point in the season, and the only thing we know for certain is that Cedric is on the chopping block in the judge's eyes.  Adam Shankman, director of Hairspray is the guest judge this week.  Let's hope he's as solid as Debbie Allen was.  What follows are my live thoughts updated throughout the show. 

Cat and her dress have been transported in from an Austin Powers film.  The 14 remaining dancers do their little mini solo dances during introductions.  Silly, as always. 

I think Cat's dress is Hypercolor.

Adam Shankman is the guest judge this week, who directed and choreographed the upcoming film Hairspray.  Nigel is called on to rationalize their decision to eliminate Jessi Peralta.  He gives a well-reasoned, candid explanation.  It's Nigel's birthday, by the way.

Lacey and Kameron are the first to perform.  We learn that Lacey is wearing a hair weave these days.  Huh.  They'll be dancing The Hustle this week.  Yep, that Hustle.  Dirk Diggler and Reed Rothschild are their choreographers .

Oh. Wow.  That was pretty incredible.  These guys are a great couple.  That was one of the best performances of the season, if not the best.  The final move, where Kameron almost drops Lacey on her head and then spins her around in the end.

The judges are very high on Lacey's performance, but have a few minor notes about Kameron not stepping up to Lacey's level.

Cedric and Shauna will be dancing next.  Will Cedric redeem himself tonight?  They'll be dancing the mambo, not really up Cedric's alley, so I think Cedric is going to have a very difficult time.  They show Cedric struggling hard during practice. 

It's a cool routine, I just wish it were someone other than Cedric performing it.  He's sloppy and tentative, and he obviously is out of his depth here.   Shauna, however, is awesome.  Mary actually likes Cedric's performance and celebrates the occasion by screaming wildly.  It WAS better, but still not that great.  The judges are pretty easy on Cedric, in my opinion. 

Danny and Anya are up next.  They, fortunately for them, they get to dance a contemporary routine from Tyce DiOrio.  Maybe I'm in the minority, but the "story" behind these contemporary routines could not interest me less. 

They both nail the routine, though.  Beautifully danced, great choreography.  Danny is an athletic, jumping freak.  The judges get into a long, long debate over Danny and his incredible technique that, yet, is lacking something.  Nigel even talks some smack to Shankman.

New partners Pasha and Sara will be up next.  Sara used to be a figure skater.  They'll be dancing West Coast Swing, with Benji Schwimmer as their choreographer.  They perform the swing to Fatboy Slim's "Rockafella Skank."

The routine is awesome.  Sara continues to be one of my favorite dancers, Benji concocted a fun, great routine, and Pasha has not given a bad performance yet.  Best performance of the night and the judges go nuts over it.

Sabra and Dominic are up next.  Nice.  They get a Shane Sparks hip/hop routine.  Should be good.

Eh.  Could've been better.  They performed it well, but I feel like the degree of difficulty was very low.  It was as sensual a hip hop routine as you will ever see, and for that I can give it props, but I still thought it was too easy.  They have great chemistry, and they danced it very well.  The judges give Shane Sparks a ton of love. 

Jaimie and Hok hit up the stage next.  They receive the Waltz, which isn't really up either of their alleys.  This is another story dance.  It's about Hok whose dying...or something.

Man, I hate Sarah MacLachlan.  They're dancing to one of her songs.  Sorry.

It's a very slow, methodical dance.  The routine is performed with great precision by both dancers.  Well done.  Hok is impressing me more and more every week.  I didn't think he'd be able to do ballroom and ,while he wasn't all that great, it was still way better than we could've expected.

The judges love Jaimie and are pretty down on Hok.  Nigel, especially, doesn't think it was good enough.

Lauren and Neil finish off the show tonight with a jazz routine choreographed by Wade Robson.  Wade says the dance is a classic good vs. evil dance, a comic book story.  Neil will be playing a villain. Hmm.

It's a very silly, campy routine.  Saying that, it was really fun and well-performed.  Neil and Lauren had to do a lot of acting in the routine.  Neil is wearing a lot of eye shadow.  The judges absolutely love it.  Nigel even thinks it was the best routine of the night.    

And, that's the show.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image Courtesy of FOX)