So You Think You Can Dance: Top 18, Live Results
For the first time since I can remember on a So You Think You Can Dance results show, I have no idea who will be eliminated, who will be in the bottom three, and, most of all, who I want to be eliminated.  Everyone's good.  No one sticks out like a sore thumb.  They all seem to be on the same plain of talent, even if they do practition a variety of dance styles.  The judges are going to have a remarkably difficult decision tonight, no matter who those bottom couples are.  Whoever gets sent home, a lot of fans will be disappointed.  I'll be here giving my live thoughts and updating the results throughout the show.

Oh, Cat Deeley, you mystifying Brit.  Crooked nose, mildly attractive, adept host. 

Shane Sparks has created another crazy group number to kick off the show.  The song is the kind you'd hear in a German night club.  Not as cool as last week's routine, but a lot longer.  Everyone's dressed in black and there's a lot of space for break dancing. 

Hey, it's the judges.  Mary Murphy is showing some shoulder cleavage, which is far more desirable than actual Mary Murphy cleavage. 

Wow, results right away.  Might as well.  The first three couples are brought to the front of the stage.

Lauren and Neil: they are safe, as expected.  Both are too good-looking not to get votes at this stage in the competition.

Jessi and Pasha: WHAAA!?!?  They're in the bottom three.  Ridiculous.  They might have been the best last night.  Oh, silly America.  Jessi and Pasha will have to dance solos to save themselves tonight.

Jaimie and Hok: they should be in the bottom three, but they are safe.

Now, it's time for our first commercial. 

Lacey and Kameron: they are safe, as expected.

Anya and Danny: safe.

Sabra and Dominic: I can't imagine that these two aren't safe.  And they are safe. They proceed to roll around on the stage together. 

Sarah and Jesus: I sure hope these two aren't in the bottom three, but I suspect they are.  But I'm wrong, they are safe.

Shauna and Jimmy: these two are solid, but I wouldn't be surprised if Shauna is sent home tonight.  Bottom three.

Faina and Cedric: Cedric had the worst night of anyone last night, and I don't see how the judges couldn't send him home if he's in the bottom two.  Bottom three.

Nigel talks a lot about how Cedric probably isn't cut out for this competition.  He's almost a shoe-in for elimination.  For the girls, it's definitely between Faina and Shauna.  I'm guessing whoever gives a better solo gets to stick around.

Time for the solo routines.

Jessi is up first and she does what she does: sexy and unique.  Again, Jessi is my favorite female dancer on the show and am baffled that she was in the bottom three.

Pasha dances to a Robert Randolph song, moves his feet around a lot, pops his collar at one point, and ends the routine with a “caterpillar”.  Interesting.

Shauna: she really went balls to the wall there.  She spun around a lot and did everything she possibly could.

Jimmy does some cool ballet stuff in his solo, goes fast and furious.  That should save him.

Two more solos after the break, plus a performance from Daddy Yankee.

Faina doesn't do anything that would make the judges want to eliminate her.  She doesn't deserve it, but neither do the other two girls.  This is a brutal decision for the judges. 

Cedric comes out and rips it up.  His freestyle solo dancing is completely ridiculous and unique.  I don't think it's going to save him tonight, however. 

Daddy Yankee comes out to perform, which means that it's time for me to make a sandwich. 

Moment of truth.

Ladies first.  Nigel didn't like Jessi's solo.  Nigel loved Shauna's solo, and she is safe.  Nigel also didn't like Faina's solo.

Jessi is safe.

Faina Savich has been eliminated.  Probably the right decision.  Sad montage time.

Time for the decision on the guys.  Nigel tells us that this decision was not unanimous.

Pasha is safe.

Cedric is safe.  Wow.

Jimmy has been sent home.  This is a surprise.

Cedric will be dancing with Shauna next week.

And that is that.  What does everyone think?  Did the judges make the correct decisions?
-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer

(Image Courtesy of FOX)