So You Think You Can Dance: Top 20, Live Results
So You Think You Can Dance brings us its first results show of the year and, unlike some reality shows, the voters don't have the whole say.  They will choose the bottom three, but after that it's up to the judges.  This is the way it should be.  What do us amateurs really know, anyway.  Let's leave it to the experts, at least in the early rounds.  What follows are my live thoughts and live results.  Stay tuned throughout the hour for constant updates.

The night starts off with a crazy, abstract dance to  a slow moving hip hop song.  It's avant-garde, but super cool.  All the girls are dressed like Go-Go dancing version of Uma Thurman from Pulp Fiction and the dudes all kinda look like Vincent Vega.

It was a Wade Robson routine.  Had to be seen to be believed.

Cat Deeley looks pretty darn good tonight.  Such a tease you are, Cat.

Time for some early results.  Exciting.

Jaimie and Hok: they are safe, as they very well should be.

Anya and Danny: we hear more of Avril Lavigne's "Girlfriend".  Product placement, eh?  Anyway, they are safe.

Sabra and Dominic: I want D'Trix to stick around for awhile.  Aww, crap.  They're in the bottom three.  The competition is stiff this year, man.  They'll be performing solo routines at the end of the show.

Lacey and Kameron: they are safe.  Their Mia Michaels routine from last night was really something.

Ashlee and Ricky:  they probably should be in the bottom three.  And...they are.  The crowd is IRATE!  Nigel is not surprised, but saddened.  He wants to see them do what they do best: contemporary.

Sara and Jesus: they are safe. I'm a fan of Sara.

Jessi and Pasha: they're safe as they should be.

More commercials.

Lauren and Neil: Lauren is wearing way too much makeup tonight.  Neil might be heading home this week.  Or not.  They are safe.

Faina and Cedric: they are in the bottom three.

Shauna and Jimmy: they are safe, somewhat surprisingly.

Mary Murphy is pissed at the decisions and she almost starts crying.  Whatever.

Benji Schwimmer, last year's winner, comes out to talk with Cat.  He does a routine.

It's pretty good.   He's wearing some very, very silly magenta mittens.  What is that about?

Sabra is first up for her solo:  She performs to a David Gray song, and she's good, very athletic, lots of splits.

Dominic is next, and re just rips the stage apart, doing his B-Boy thing.  He's ridiculous.

Ashlee takes the stage next and she dances to a Streisand song, which is annoying.  Her performance is a little bland.

Ricky is up and he does his contemporary thing and he's very good, has good form, but he's still an oddball.

Faina comes out and does her solo to some Christina Aguilera.  Pretty sexy.

Cedric comes out and does his thing.  Crazy.  He does this unique freestyle/hip-hop/contemporary thing and he better make it to next week.  I want to see what else the man can do.

Now, the judges go back stage to decide who will be heading home.  I'm guessing it'll be Sabra and Ricky.  It's going to be really hard getting rid of any of these guys.

I didn't catch who this celebrity performer.  But, whoever it is, he's pretty bad.

Time for the final results.  The judges have made their decisions.

Sabra is safe.

Faina is safe, which means....

Ashlee Langus is going home.  That sucks and the judges admit that it's unfortunate that she didn't get to show off her talents.

And, hey, we get our first sad elimination montage of the season.  The song is way weaker than last year's.  Boo.

Time for the dudes.

Cedric is safe.  Cool.

Dominic is safe and I couldn't be happier about it.  Ricky Palomino is going home.  Somewhere in the audience, Mia Michaels is pissed.

All right, we'll be back tomorrow with a full recap of tonight's show.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer

(Photo courtesy of FOX)