So You Think You Can Dance: Top 10 Results Show, Live Thoughts
So You Think You Can Dance: Top 10 Results Show, Live Thoughts
Abbey Simmons
Abbey Simmons
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
It's time for another ever-dreaded results show America and for the first time all season, the fate of the season 6 dancer's is solely in our hands. Will we prove we are trustworthy with tonight's eliminations? Or will the judges be lamenting that they allow us any say in who stays and who goes?

We have our predictions about who'll be sent home tonight, but to find out for sure you'll have to watch along with me live right here. As always you can also follow along with me in 140 character quips on the BuddyTV So You Think You Can Dance Twitter.

Group Routine
Choreographer: Tyce DiOrio
Song: "It's Still Rock'n'Roll To Me" by Billy Joel

Looks like another great group routine tonight, that seems to be styled as Mad Max meets Batman's Gotham. It features a mix of contemporary choreography, pop jazz, acrobatics, and some ballroom partnering lifts and skills. Not to mention a sexy smooch from the Di Lellos, some spineless leaps from Jakob Karr, and Russell's incredible musicality.

Cat, who thankfully isn't wearing a tutu around her neck tonight, reminds us there is only two weeks left in season 6 of So You Think You Can Dance, which is hard to believe. Has this season gone by incredibly fast (though the auditions took forever) or has it simply gone by without much consequence or enjoyment? It seems kind of ridiculous to have rushed for a new season if it was going to be pre-empted for weeks and ultimately shortened. Not to mention, I think the idea of a finale with 6 dancers is dreadful.

Cat's looking a little bed-headed Carrie Bradshaw tonight, is she not? My Twitterers say they're not a fan of the look, but I think she's kind of rocking it. Plus, let's be frank, our dance kitten can wear just about anything. (Just not a tutu around her neck, ala last night.)

Time to reveal the bottom two girls:

Ellenore: SAFE
(no surprise there)
Mollee: SAFE
(still needs to work on her solo & she seems genuinely shocked to be safe. We're a little shocked too Molle to tell you the truth.)
Noelle: Bottom Two (also no surprise, both John and I predict she's the girl going home tonight.)
Ashleigh: SAFE (Ashleigh is apparently more popular than expected...both of her routines were rather weak last night.)
Kathryn: Bottom Two (NOOOO. Kathryn has become one of my favorite girls of Season 6 and she was effervescent perfection in her Broadway routine last night, she better not be going home.)

So, the dopplegangers Noelle and Kathryn are in the Bottom Two.

Time to reveal the bottom two guys:

Ryan: Bottom Two
(no surprise, that solo made me think of one thing and one thing only: Patrick Swayze's SNL Chippendale try-out.)
Russell: SAFE
(as he will, and should be, until the finale.)
Jakob: SAFE
(again not a shocker, people seem to actually be voting and connecting to technique with this one.)
Nathan: Bottom Two
(maybe those Crocodile tears did him in or the average American Tween had their phone privileges revoked last night.)
Legacy: SAFE
(his routines lacked last night, but his solo killed, not a huge surprise.)

So, Nathan and Ryan are in the Bottom Two.

Tonight's guest dancers are called "The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers" and they are certainly living up to their name. They are defying gravity and showing incredible musicality and smoothness, despite doing a lot of breaking. It's gorgeous. Of course, it's hard to focus with how excited I got after Cat said the routine was choreographed by Harry Shum, i.e. "the other Asian" from Glee.

Though their solos can't save them tonight, the bottom four will be dancing one final solo tonight, because apparently we like to torture these kids.

Noelle's Solo
Every Time It Rains by Charlotte Martin

Noelle looks like she's given up already and that she knows she's likely going home. She shows off her flexibility in a largely improvised solo, but not her personality or spunk. Kind of a sad solo, not technically, but the resigned emotion that was coursing through it. Overall, she's a lovely dancer, but I think both Noelle and I know her time has come.

Ryan's Solo
Still that same awful Scorpion song as last night

Just as Patrick Swayze at Chippendales try-out as it was last night. Ryan is dancing for his life though, he looks like he thinks, thanks to the Tween vote he'll be going home and he was going to give it his all. So bravo for that Ryan! Mary thinks that Ryan is one of the best ballroom dancer the show has ever seen and Mrs. Di Lello is already crying.

Kathryn's Solo
Beautiful by Bethany Dillon

I just love the way this girl dances, she gives me chills because it seems like even the tips of her toes are feeling what she's doing. Is her personality exciting or particularly memorable? No. But she is a joy to watch on the dance floor and DEFINITELY deserves to dance another week. Mary is on the brink of tears she's so upset that Kathryn is in the bottom two. Which brings out the Kathryn tears I thought we'd see all season. (Thankfully, we haven't until now.)

Nathan's Solo
Pretty Wings by Maxwell

I don't get the point of a solo that has you on the floor for half of it. When he's up and dancing, Nathan shows stunning technique, especially in his turns and his extension. In those moves he shows some of what we were so excited about during his original audition. Ultimately, Nathan spends too much of his solo time looking pleased with his own hotness, yet again. While it was a much better solo than last night, if America didn't call in for him, it won't do anything to save him.

And now it's time for two words I never thought I'd say together: Snoop Dogg and So You Think You Can Dance. Ahhh, Snoop D-o-double-G. He even uses So You Think You Can Dance in his rap. Snoop is joined on stage by Quest Crew, featuring of course, Dom, Hok, and Ryan from previous SYTYCD seasons.

The dancers are AMAZING. But of course, the real star of this show is Snoop Doggs "ring:"

snoopring.JPGAnd by ring I clearly mean a piece of a gawdy diamond jewelery that is larger than his face.

Time to find out who'll be heading home tonight.


It's sad, but not heart breaking, losing Kathryn would be heart-breaking I think. But at this point in the competition, with only four girls left, they couldn't really have two girls that look exactly alike, have the same specialty, and are both Southern belles. We'll all be seeing Noelle on tour, but the sobbing about missing her new dance family is enough to get me all misty.

And for the boys?


Shocking. The adults win. I really did think that Nathan was going to get through to the finale on the adorableness of his dimples and the breathtaking audition he had for season 5. I wished he'd brought that dancer to season 6 more.

So with Nathan's elimination it would seem to me then that we know who the final 3 boys will be. When it comes to Russell, Legacy, and Jakob, Ryan just isn't on the same level.

There you have it America, you've spoken for the first time and you have one last time to vote for the finale. If that continues (two whole weeks of voting before the finale) they'll have to change the tag line from America's Favorite Dancer to something like A Dancer Most of America Maybe Liked.

Did you agree with tonight's eliminations? Do you have any predictions which dancers will be making it to the finale?