So You Think You Can Dance: Ranking The Final Four
On last night's episode of So You Think You Can Dance, host Cat Deeley announced the final four dancers who will compete in this week's finale.  The finale will air over two nights on FOX beginning tomorrow night and concluding on Thursday.  Ballroom dancer Pasha Kovalev and contemporary dancer Lauren Gottlieb were eliminated.  The final four is comprised of: contemporary dancers Neil Haskell, Danny Tidwell, and Sabra Johnson as well as ballroom dancer Lacey Schwimmer, whose brother won the competition last year.  As we head into the finale, here's how the final four dancers rank in my book.  Feel free to disagree.  Or agree!

#4 - Neil Haskell

It was tough for me to rank Neil fourth because I really like the guy.  I also think he's a tremendous dancer.  His contemporary piece by Mia Michaels that he performed with Lacey is in my top three favorite moments of the season.  However, his performances can be very hit or miss and he has landed in the bottom more than his fair share of times.  His solos tend to look the same and no one wishes that he would show more diversity than me.  I am a fan but I think, in the end, the other three have done a better job overall.

#3 - Lacey Schwimmer

I wouldn't be surprised if Lacey places higher than third.  Heck, she might win the whole thing!  The girl had a built-in fan base since day one, considering her brother won the whole thing last year.  She has done a very good job in her solos, considering many ballroom people fall flat alone out there without their partners.  She has chemistry and works well with almost any guy she gets for a partner and has done well in various styles of dance.  I feel the other two who rank above her this week have danced better and deserve to be final two but Lacey should be proud of the way she danced this season.

#2 - Danny Tidwell

Everyone knows that Danny had a rough first half of the season.  His seemingly arrogant and apathetic attitude didn't win him many fans and he was often in the bottom along with his partner Anya, who left a few weeks ago.  Yet, something happened midseason after Hairspray director Adam Shankman put him and his attitude in place.  Danny started to come alive.  He was smiling more, joking more, and seemed to have a warmth that wasn't present early on.  Pair that was his superb dancing skills and this guy deserves to be final two without a doubt.  He certainly didn't have my favorite routines (though I loved his contemporary with Lauren last week) but it's undeniable that he has the best technique up there and he is one of the strongest dancers I've ever seen.

#1 - Sabra Johnson

Call Sabra what you want: a pro, a light from heaven, a little Ailey dancer but I just call her the best.  Sabra has not been dancing nearly as long as everyone else, yet she has given the most consistent performances.  She has won over America as well as the judges, who have hardly ever said anything critical to her.  In an interview last week with Dominic, he said that he felt he and Sabra were paired together because they might fail but they turned it around and proved everybody wrong.  Did they ever!  Sabra gives it all she's got all the time.  Her passion and her ability makes her number one for me and I hope to see her standing there at the end on Thursday night.

Now, it's your turn.  How do you rank the final four?  Would you go another way?  Post your comments and let us know your feelings!

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
(Image courtesy of FOX)