So You Think You Can Dance: Ranking the Top 6 Males
So You Think You Can Dance, the 2007 edition, is full of good dancers.  Not only are they good, but they're all on what seems to be an equal playing field.  That is, none are all that much better than any other.  This lack of separation is exceedingly apparent with the six remaining males in the competition. In my rankings, I knew who I was going to put last, but with those next five it was a relative crapshoot.  Frankly, I think the partners will play a large part in which males advance every week.  For instance, I think Kameron has been brought up to another level thanks to his partnership with Lacey.  Who knows what will happen to him when couples are switched up?

The list is based on who I believe has the best chance to advance and become the last male standing.

#6 – Hok Konishi

Hok's limitations are readily apparent.  His partner skills are lacking and he has no ballroom training.  Unfortunately, he has been unable to adapt to the new styles as quickly as fellow B-Boy Dominic.  Hok's performances throughout have been admirable and his partnership with Jaimie has produced more that a couple good routines.  When it comes to technical ability in the ballroom dances, though, Hok is at the bottom of the pack. 

#5 - Danny Tidwell 

People are going to hate me for putting Danny this low.  Yes, he is a great dancer.  Maybe the most athletically gifted and technically proficient dancer in the competition.  But, he lacks the intangibles.  When the judges discussed what was missing from Danny's performances last week, I agreed with Adam Shankman: Danny does dance with an air of arrogance.  There's no getting around it.  That, and he's also a bit robotic.  The judges aren't going to be very patient with Danny if he keeps getting sent to the bottom three.

#4 - Neil Haskell

Neil is someone who I still don't have a real grasp on.  He's been at turns mediocre, forgettable, pretty good, and last week, great.  Maybe last week Neil turned the corner and he's going to be awesome over the rest of the season, although that's unlikely.  What's more likely is that he will show a bit of the inconsistency he gave us early in the season and the judges will not hesitate to eliminate him.

#3 – Pasha Pkovalev

Pasha has been great all season.  He was great with Jessi Peralta and last week he was great with Sara.  Why, then, is Pasha in the three spot?  Pasha is the old man of the competition and I don't think he has much more room to improve.  He's been dancing at his absolute peak all season and I'm of the belief that you need an upward momentum throughout the season to grab the attention of the audience.  If you stay on one level all year (no matter how high that level is), the audience isn't going to react well to the lack of improvement (see: Melinda Doolittle). 

#2 – Dominic Sandoval

Dominic has his detractors out there and I understand: he does walk the line between charming and insufferable.  However, he has been the star of the season thus far, and the judges are all madly in love with him.  His ability to branch out from his hip/hop roots has been nothing short of incredible and there doesn't seem to be much he can't do.  The big fear might be how he performs when he and Sabra are broken up.  Those two have formed what seems to be great chemistry and it's possible that they've danced beyond their ability as a result.

#1 – Kameron Bink 

Here's my rationale: Kameron has not had a poor performance, even when performing out of his element.  He's been able to keep up with Lacey, who is the favorite to win it all.  Then, even saying that, it is by default that I've ranked Kameron first.  He's done nothing to deserve a lower ranking.  His partner routines, if taken as a whole over the season, have been better than any other guy's.  If you disagree, fine.  But, the main thing is this:  all these guys (like the girls) are very good and it's hard to rank them in any order, even this late in the season.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image Courtesy of FOX)