'So You Think You Can Dance' Preview: Expect the Unexpected
'So You Think You Can Dance' Preview: Expect the Unexpected
Kim Stempel
Kim Stempel
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
So You Think You Can Dance season 10 is shaping up to be a real nail-biter. So what can we expect as season 10's first competitive dances begin this week? I predict that there will be a lot of great dancing, and also a lot of glitter, sequins, and fringe (but enough about our hostess, Cat Deeley).  

First, you have great diversity in the Top 20. This season the Top 20 is comprised of four ballroom dancers, seven contemporary dancers, and two female jazz dancers. Hip-hop is being represented by three male dancers and one female dancer- Mariah Spears. Three tappers are in the So You Think You Can Dance Top 20 this season. When the Top 20 displays this variety of styles, there is only one thing for sure, and that is that all bets are off! Cue the suspense!

Does Your Vote Count?

Last season, the So You Think You Can Dance winners, Eliana Girard and Chehon Wespi-Tschopp, were both ballet dancers. They were both strong competitors from the start. The new format from last season of having the dancer's eliminations be based on their work the previous week was born out of necessity when the So You Think You Can Dance results show was removed from the schedule. With only one night each week to showcase both the performances and eliminations, the voting public's decisions and the dancer's popularity impact the dancer's fate. This makes for some unexpected dancers being either saved or sent home. I think that we will see some surprising results this season, as well.

Who Has the Edge?

So who is strongest so far this season? I think that the ladies are amazing this year (sorry, guys). Makenzie Dustman and Amy Yakima, who are both contemporary dancers, have excellent technique and tons of personality. So does ballroom dancer, Jenna Johnson.

My picks for the guys are animator Jade Zuberi, tapper Curtis Holland, and contemporary dancer, Tucker Knox. Jade and Curtis both are born entertainers, and that bodes well for them.

So no matter who your favorite dancer is, get ready for a thrilling season where anything can happen!

So You Think You Can Dance airs Tuesdays at 8pm on FOX.

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