So You Think You Can Dance: The Three T's and A Trio of Tappers
So You Think You Can Dance: The Three T's and A Trio of Tappers
Abbey Simmons
Abbey Simmons
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Though season 5 is still fresh in our memories and our DVRs, it's already time for season 6 of So You Think You Can Dance. With a growing and passionate audience, So You Think You Can Dance has decided to shimmy it's way into the fall line-up to compete with the biggest shows on prime time television. And with the level of dancer's we saw in tonight's first audition, no other reality TV dance show stands a chance with competing against season 6 of So You Think You Can Dance.

The first of 7 weeks of So You Think You Can Dance auditions, starts out in Los Angeles; the city of angels and apparently thousands upon thousands of female contemporary dancers. The first audition of Season 6 comes from Cole Clemens, who has some sort of inverse punk rock mullet that would make Kate Gosselin's hair weep with embarrassment. Cole apparently didn't get the memo that this was a show about dancing because he does an odd spoken word performance, which involves little to no dancing. It is, quite possibly, the 2nd strangest thing I've ever seen during So You Think You Can Dance try-outs. The strangest thing I've ever seen? Not Sex. Oh no, that totally goes to Cole's hair. I will post screen-caps as soon as possible, but if you saw tonight's auditions, Cole's half mohawk spoken word is seared into your memory already.

After Cole, comes a slew of talented, beautiful female contemporary dancers, with sob stories. Or, as we'll refer to them for the rest of auditions, the Three T's: Tragedy! Talent! Tits! There's Mollee Gray, a principal dancer from all three High School Musicals who's mom worked three jobs to support her daughter's dancing. Also tugging at the old heart strings is Amber Williams, who's Mom was paralyzed by a freak mishap during surgery. She and her story are responsible for the first So You Think You Can Dance tears of season 6. Touche Three T's! But beyond their sob and inspiring stories, these girls can dance. Mollee is cute as a button with beautiful musicality and amazing lines. Amber is absolutely flawless on the dance floor. Look up extension in the dancer's dictionary and somewhere in the notations is this girl's name, as well as Kayla 'Radomski and Allison Holker. Both girls get tickets straight to Vegas. I have no doubt, we'll be seeing both of them in Top 20.

But the real story of the night's auditions aren't the predictable Three T's, nope it's another t-word entirely: tappers. Tonight's show was all about the tappers. A trio of tappers to be exact: Ryan Kasprzak, Bianca Revels, and Phillip Attmore. As we all know, a tapper has never made it to the Top 20 of So You Think You Can Dance. But if tonight was any indication, that might be changed three-fold.

The first tapper to take the stage was the elder Brother Kasprzak, with one of the most memorable auditions of So You Think You Can Dance history. We got a glimpse of Ryan's audition during season 5, but the full thing was truly a thing of beauty. Combining spoken word and dance in a way that Cole Clemens can only dream of, Ryan Kasprzak was officially the first tap dancer to ever leave me with chills. And lest you think I'm just another Kasprzaktivist, the judges seemed to be in complete agreement with me. Adam Shankman gave the routine a standing ovation, before showering Ryan with unmatched praise, "You're not a dancer, you're a freaking artist. It's the best try out I've ever seen on So You Think You Can Dance. It was perfect."

Next up is another familiar face from season 5, Bianca Revels. Bianca, who Nigel said was the best female tapper to ever try out for So You Think You Can Dance, was eliminated during Vegas week last season and she swore she wouldn't try out again. Thankfully, she changed her mind. As she took the stage with confidence, Nigel asked if she'd be game for a tap battle. Bianca, ever the competitor, said she'd happily take on Ryan Kasprzak. Ryan and Bianca, who seem to share some serious tap lovin' for each other, embrace like old friends. Ryan then informs Nigel, that while he's pleased to participate, it's not called a battle. In tap, it's called "trading." And as it turns out, tap trading is like pure sunshine. Ryan and Bianca could take their show on the road, the back and forth playfulness and skill technique was jaw dropping, especially if we're to believe it was spontaneous. After what Adam Shankman calls "the most fun he's had on So You Think You Can Dance," Bianca is given her ticket to Las Vegas.

So that's two tappers down, but what about the third? That's where Phillip Attmore comes in, who after those two incredible tap try outs has Nigel wondering aloud if he's the best tapper to have ever audition for So You Think You Can Dance. It turns out Phillip is no stranger to the other tappers who are heading to Vegas. He and Ryan K. were roommates during a tour of "Fosse." And much to our delight he reveals that the elder Kasprzak has a smiley face tattooed on his tush. Cat Deeley promises to get confirmation on that, a clip we certainly hope lands on television for the pure awkward hilarity. Within Phillip's firs few taps Nigel, Mary, and Adam's mouths go agape. Phillips taps with incredible crispness, musicality, and strength. His shoes sing a song during his routine and the judges are loving it, Shanks says that Phillip is a "serious contender" based on the try-out. And with that the trio of tappers is complete and Las Vegas bound.

All total, 29 dancers from the Los Angeles try outs made it to Las Vegas. Next week, So You Think You Can Dance takes it's auditions to Phoenix for the firs time, where we'll see a couple of familiar faces. It's the routine of boy-on-boy ballroom, which as we all know, Nigel will be absolutely thrilled about. Tune in next week, as we tap our way to the Top 20!

--Abbey Simmons, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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