'So You Think You Can Dance' Eliminations: Miranda and Robert Talk About the Cut
'So You Think You Can Dance' Eliminations: Miranda and Robert Talk About the Cut
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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In a bit of a surprise move, Miranda Maleski and Robert Taylor Jr. were cut in the third week of the So You Think You Can Dance competition. Both dancers had received praise for their recent performances, but the couple was still asked to leave.

Now that they're leaving the competition, Miranda and Robert spoke with reporters about dancing, frustration and elimination.

On Nigel complimenting Chris -- not Robert -- for his dancing in the earlier woodpecker dance:

Miranda Maleski: "We were all kind of taken aback by what he said... I was sitting there in the chair saying 'What did he say?'"

Robert Taylor Jr.: "I was starting to laugh at first, but I kept quiet... I didn't want to come out of nowhere and say, 'That was me, Nigel...' These things happen on live TV."

On dancing outside of their styles each week:

Miranda Maleski: "We were out of our style every week. I think that definitely helped us... I wish I could have gotten to do my style, but that's the name of the game."

"I am, besides Robert, the only person in the competition who didn't get to dance their style."

Robert Taylor Jr.:
"Every chance that we had to go, I think that we took our opportunity, regardless of whether it was our style or not."

On how Miranda felt being labeled "improved" and then being eliminated:

Miranda Maleski: "It was definitely hard hearing that the night before, and then, all of the sudden, you're gone."

"It can't be a surprise, because anything can happen on this show... I did my best, and that's all you can do in any situation... I wish they would have gave me a better explanation. They just pulled me out and didn't say that much to me."

On what the judges were looking for in the solos:

Miranda Maleski: "I really honestly don't know what they're looking for, because it's called 'Dance for Your Life,' and I feel like I did that... I don't know if they considered it or not. And I didn't get any feedback from them... I'm left a little bit hanging."

Robert Taylor Jr.: "I felt that I did dance for my life. I don't flip or do tricks. I didn't want to flip or do tricks for my life... They didn't give me critique on my dancing... I really felt that I did dance for my life."

On whether the absence of break-dancing tricks from Robert's solo hurt him:

Robert Taylor Jr.: "Maybe it's a possibility, because I'm not one of those guys who does a lot of flips and stuff... It's more the grooving, and it's more the feeling... I'm more of an old-school hip-hop dancer."

On whether Robert thought it would be him or Mitchell eliminated:

Robert Taylor Jr.: "To be honest, I always considered myself to be the underdog of the whole competition, because I have no tricks... My personality, that's what kept me."

"I felt that the solo was that much better than what I did two weeks ago [when last up for elimination]... I just had the feeling that I was going to go, because I always felt like the underdog."

On whether Miranda talked to Nigel about his lone support of her:

Miranda Maleski: "He asked for a moment with me, and he just told me, 'You had my vote.'"
"It was really amazing to hear that I had the executive producer's vote."

On whether a big personality helps or hurts a SYTYCD dancer:

Robert Taylor Jr.: "Nigel said I had the biggest personality of the guys, but it could also be worked against me. So I turned it down... At the same time, I didn't want to let down the fans  who had been there from the beginning."

"Maybe that [woo!] could have haunted me from the very jump."

Miranda Maleski: "I don't think it worked against me at all. I mean, there's nothing wrong with someone thinking you are great."

On the highlights of So You Think You Can Dance:

Miranda Maleski: "The highlight for me was probably the Nappy-Tabs hip-hop routine, because I was so far out of my element, and I don't think anyone -- including me -- was expecting me to do good at that."

Robert Taylor Jr.: "The highlight for me was being on stage with Miranda, every single time. We were growing so much as a team... We always, you know, took on the challenges, and we got better every single time... We have so much left in us."

On that final, musical-theater number danced to "It Don't Mean a Thing":

Miranda Maleski: "Of course I've heard of it! Who has not heard that song!"

"I was really excited to be working with [choreographer] Tyce, and it really didn't matter what song."

Robert Taylor Jr.: "I studied a little bit of musical theater, and yes, I did do **Hairspray, the tour... It was a blast and it was a great pleasure, doing that piece."

On whether or not SYTYCD performers should be tagged with a particular style:

Miranda Maleski: "I think that if people didn't know the style, it would be weird. That's what this show is about, dancers going out of their genre... It's about personality, about who you are."

On which styles and choreographers they would have liked to try:

Miranda Maleski: "I wish that I would have gotten contemporary... That was kind of upsetting for me to not have the chance to do that... And probably a Travis Wall routine would have been awesome.

On Robert being the oldest SYTYCD contestant at 31:

Robert Taylor Jr.: "I thought maybe I would have been looked at and viewed by the world as the oldest contestant... I still feel like I'm 19 or 22."

On Miranda's improvement on the show:

Miranda Maleski: "I think it's definitely helped me grow, because I'm the only girl who was out of her style every single week... I think that's helped me grow immensely... Hip hop is actually one of the things I want to get more into.

On their future plans:

Robert Taylor Jr.: "For me, there's quite a lot... Either I would like to dance with Usher or Chris Brown, because they're very close to Michael [Jackson] in style... I would like to do some film or some comedy, on a sitcom maybe, or being a VJ or a guest host like on MTV... The sky's the limit."

Miranda Maleski: "I just want to dance and audition... I hope I'm going to get into acting."

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