So You Think You Can Dance: Are there any favorites yet?
The 2007 edition of So You Think You Can Dance held its first finalist eliminations last week.  Viewers, in turn, got their first extended look at what the finalists were capable of when given a random dance routine and a week to prepare.  The question is: did last week give us enough information to identify some early front-runners? 

So You Think You Can Dance is a show in which contestants tend to grow and improve significantly as the series moves along.  However, after taking a look back at the show's first two seasons, there are some “types” that we can peg as more or less likely to take home the crown.  Let's try and pare down the remaining 18 dancers and see who realistically might have a shot to take home the 2007 crown.

I'm going to eliminate all of the primarily hip/hop dancers from the mix, if only because they have not fared well in the past.  It is my hope, and surely many others, that these contestants will prove exceptions to the rule, and show us that they can successfully perform routines outside their own realm.  Unfortunately, this hasn't happened yet.  So, that means we take out Dominic Sandoval, Hok Konishi, Sara Von Gillern, Kameron Bink and Cedric Gardner.  Again, I'm rooting for all these people and understand that they are a diverse group of dancers, but to make an early estimation of the favorite they can't be in consideration if we are to take in to account the history of So You Think You Can Dance.

Now, I think we should take out anyone who struggled last week.  It's not saying that they can't improve, but if they can't bring it all when they are injury-free and pumped up for the first episode, what are they going to do six weeks in when they are beaten and battered.  This is also a bit subjective, but I am taking into account the judge's comments.  Therefore, I eliminate Shauna Noland, Faina Savich (who seems like a bit of a head case), Neil Haskell, and Jesus Solario.

Okay, so that leaves us with nine dancers: Anya Garnis, Danny Tidwell, Jaime Goodwin, Jessi Peralta, Jimmy Arguello, Lacey Schwimmer, Lauren Gottleib, Pasha Pkovalev, and Sabra Johnson.  Out of these, I wasn't entirely impressed with Jaime Goodwin and Sabra Johnson last week, although neither was dancing in their comfort zone.  The rest, I can't say anything bad about and have no idea how they'll perform in the various styles of dance they will be subject to as the 2007 season of So You Think You Can Dance moves along. 

Personally, I think Lauren, Jessi and Danny are good bets for the top five or six, but that's admittedly not based on a whole lot.  What do you think?  Have any favorites emerged from the pack at this early stage of the competition?

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer

(Image Courtesy of FOX)