So You Think You Can Dance 4: Top 10 Performance Rankings
At the beginning of So You Think You Can Dance tonight, Jessica King explained why she will not be continuing on in the competition. She broke two ribs and fractured a third, and her doctored ordered her to stay away from dancing for four weeks to let it heal. Fortunately, she made it to the top 10 before having to withdraw from the competition, so we should expect her to dance in the So You Think You Can Dance tour after the season ends. So, to take Jessica's place, the judges welcomed Comfort back to the show, since she was the last female to be eliminated.

Tonight, all the dancers swapped partners and performed three times, one solo in their own style, and two dances in pairs chosen randomly. There was a wide range in the quality of dancing tonight, from just OK to some of the best routines I've ever seen on this show. Read on to see who I thought was the best.

Performance rankings for the couples:

1. Katee Shean and William Wingfield – Pas de deux

Tonight was the first time that we saw a pas de deux on So You Think You Can Dance, and boy, am I glad that it was Katee and Will who debuted this style. This routine was so amazing that I just sat there, slackjawed and not typing at all, during the entirety of the performance. There really aren't any words to describe the strength and passion that these two poured into it, so I think you'll just have to find a video of it online and see for yourself.

2. Comfort Fedoke and Twitch Boss – Hip hop

This hip hop routine was a tiny bit unfair because Comfort and Twitch are both terrific hip hop dancers. But I don't really care whether it fair or not because they pwn3d this routine and it was such a pleasure to watch. I absolutely adore quasi-futuristic clothing, but I think I liked their dancing even better. This might have been Comfort's best performance all year because she finally looked relaxed and confident and in her element.

2. Courtney Galiano and Joshua Allen – Rumba

I couldn't decide whether Comfort and Twitch were better than Courtney and Josh, so I'm calling them tied for second place. Courtney and Josh were smoldering hot. This was just about the sexiest rumba I've ever seen.

4. Katee Shean and William Wingfield – Broadway

These two are definitely two of the very best, and it's so apparent when they dance together. Katee and Will danced in, on and around a rowboat to "Sit Down (You're Rocking the Boat)," and put a lot into their characters without making it overly cheesy.

5. Chelsie Hightower and Gev Manoukian – Jive

Chelsie and Gev closed the episode with their jive, and it was a whole bunch of fun. Chelsie easily exhibited her exceptional ballroom prowess and slightly upstaged her partner, but Gev did respectably.

6. Courtney Galiano and Joshua Allen – Hip hop

Courtney and Josh do a fabulous job dancing hip hop tonight. The judges raved about how much Josh stole the show, but I am just continually impressed by how well Courtney has done hip hop throughout this competition.

7. Chelsie Hightower and Gev Manoukian - Contemporary

This routine reminded of wind-up dolls coming to life and dancing together, and it was really good. It was choreographed by Sonya Tayeh, a new choreographer on the show, and I really like how she makes her contemporary routines look unique from everyone else's.

8. Kherington Payne and Mark Kanemura – Jazz

All I can say about Kherington and Mark's jazz is that it was very competent, but little else. The judges commented that they danced as if they were checking off items on a list. Pirouette? Check! Pointed toes? Check!

9. Kherington Payne and Mark Kanemura – Country two-step

This is the first time that we've seen the country two-step on this show. I think this style has a lot of promise; it looks fun with a lot of fast-paced twirling, but Kherington and Mark just plodded along. They lacked energy, more than anything else.

10. Comfort Fedoke and Twitch Boss – Smooth waltz

Comfort looked like the picture of discomfort in this waltz. Girlfriend looks so awkward in heels, and neither of these two quite captured the down-up-up-ness that is necessary for the waltz. Even dancing to Journey couldn't help these two tonight. Thankfully they had such a fabulous hip hop routine.

Performance rankings for the solos:

1. William Wingfield
2. Katee Shean
3. Twitch Boss
4. Gev Manoukian
5. Joshua Allen
6. Kherington Payne
7. Mark Kanemura
8. Courtney Galiano
9. Chelsie Hightower
10. Comfort Fedoke

We've all seen Comfort's solo about a million times before, and her solo tonight was no different. It didn't really showcase her talents as a hip hop dancer as well as her second routine with Twitch did. I give Comfort's solo a solid meh. She's my pick to leave the show tomorrow night.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
(Image courtesy of FOX)