Reader Reaction: 'So You Think You Can Dance' Finale
The epic two-hour finale of So You Think You Can Dance aired last night, with Sabra emerging as America's Favorite Dansuh (TM Cat Deeley). During the course of the episode, we saw old favorites from the auditions who didn't make it into the top 20, choreographers' and judges' favorite routines, including fan favorite Wade Robson's hummingbird and flower routine, and some group performances from throughout the season.

It was a big night, and boy, were BuddyTV fans vocal about it throughout. From among the over 100 comments made, there were roughly three main categories: (1) comments from ecstatic Sabra fans, (2) comments from Danny fans lamenting his loss and (3) conspiracy theory comments about Nigel and the producers rigging the votes.

Of course, the peacock sprouting from Cat Deeley's belly button also deserved mention, and our sharp readers pulled no punches.

Southerntippi, Louisiana: " Not to be too punny, but is that a hairball on the front of Cat's dress?"

Superfan from Tulsa responded in defense of the British giantess: "I love cat!! she is the first hostess/host of a show that hasn't annoyed the bejesus out of me. she is gorgeous, quirky, normal, elegant, interesting, poised, compassionate, and a pleasure to watch! keep her around!" I think, though, that both Southerntippi and Superfan are correct.

Although nearly everyone agreed that both Sabra and Danny are both extremely talented dancers, many BuddyTV readers were pleased with the outcome.

Karyssa very emphatically made a case for Sabra based on the democratic nature of the competition: "For those who think Danny should've won, well he didn't. He didn't become personable until the top ten, as opposed to Sabra who, with Dom, was one of America's FAVORITE DANCERS. Danny is amazing, but he's also been dancing since he was nine or ten....he's twenty three. Sabra's been dancing for 4 years. So while Danny was OBVIOUSLY the BETTER DANCER, he was not the FAVORITE."

Fletch from UT applauded Sabra's versatility as a dancer: "Sabra was amazing at every genre and got more incredible each time. Danny is awesome! But he's not as versatile." Fletch also wondered " if Benji feels slighted since he *only* won 100k and this year it's 250k." Good question!

Meg from Cali like Sabra's "amazing beauty, grace and technique," while Sunny from Ohio wrote, "For her to only have been dancing for 4 years she is absolutely incredible."

The Danny fans out there did not keep quiet at their object of affection receiving second place.

dsgstdandcntbtrstd28, Deerfield Bch, FL, was indignant "to see true talent and I do mean TRUE TALENT go unrecognized. . . . America got it wrong with Melinda now Danny. Now don't get me wrong, Sabra was alright to have only danced for 4 yrs but, better then Danny or Lacey for that matter, hell to the naw!!!!!

There are many BuddyTV conspiracy theorists out there who thought that the results were rigged.

SP from Chicago: "I think you should interview Nigel and force an answer about the voting being manipulated by the producers on the shows he produces. If it is rigged, shame on them. They should just let the judges vote."

Peter from Syracuse agreed: "What I don't like about Nigel is his manipulation "vote for a girl"."

Apart from the Sabra versus Danny comments, there was a small minority of readers who liked Sara, and were impressed that she was in so many of the judges' favorite routines.

Izzie wrote: "I felt Sara should've been in the top 4. She was amazing tonight. I felt as if it was her show. . . . She definitely had the best performances of the season."

The comment community was nearly unanimous about one thing, that it was a great show and a great season.

Erica of Philadelphia said, "This was one of the best finales I've watched regarding a reality show. The dancers were awesome. I was happy to see the top 20 perform and was ecstatic to see Sabra win."

Tim from Ohio like the show too, except for Cat and Nigel's little dance. "After Cat's nearly continual statements that she and Nigel would be dancing, the joke was on the audience with the stupid JibJab animation. I think that it was unfunny at best and insulting to the audience at worst. No wonder it was met with complete silence. Nigel's idea crashed and burned on that one! Tim said. He's right, and Nigel probably won't reprise this gimmick in the next season of So You Think You Can Dance.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
(Image courtesy of FOX)