Mary Murphy to Return as Judge on 'SYTYCD'
Nigel Lythgoe is on a changing rampage! In addition to the announcement that SYTYCD would return with a Top 20, with the All-Stars joining them at the Top 10, we've just learned that Mia Michaels will not be returning as a judge. But guess who will be? The screaming hot tamale train conductor herself: Mary Murphy!

Mia took to her Twitter to announce that she would not be returning, tweeting, "Passin the torch back to Mary.. U will make it a great season 8...going off to do my dirty work.. Taking my artistry to a whole other level" Oh, Mia, that tweet was so you! [SYTYCDism

I have mixed emotions about this, nevermind what Mia's "dirty work" that will "take her artistry to a whole other level" is. SYTYCD just didn't feel the same without crazy Mary, and I quickly tired of Mia's made up words and phrases. (Mia, stop trying to make "murderation" happen!)
Still, Mia's criticism was a nice break from Mary's screaming. Maybe after a season to cool off Mary will have something constructive to say, instead of her usual three formulas:

A) "I sure loved it, yes I did!" "It was not _____, no it wasn't!" 
B) "(silence) ... WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!"
C) "I gotta tell ya, I didn't think it was good ... BECAUSE I THOUGHT IT WAS GREAT! WOOOOO!!"

And we can't forget the over-used broken-down Hot Tamale Train.
Still, no one does hysterical teary-eyed cha-chaing with delight quite like Mary Murphy, and she ought to be a nice foil to Adam Shankman. Plus, we get to see how many episodes it takes before Nigel snaps. All in all, a good trade!

Sadly, by the sounds of that tweet, it doesn't sound like Mia Michaels will be back for more choreography this season. Boooo. 

Will you miss Mia? Are you glad Mary's coming back?

(image courtesy of Fox)