Exclusive Interview: Kameron Bink, Top 10 Finalist on So You Think You Can Dance
Exclusive Interview: Kameron Bink, Top 10 Finalist on So You Think You Can Dance
So You Think You Can Dance Top 10 Finalist Kameron Bink admitted he was a little surprised when he found himself in the bottom-two for the very first time. And it wasn’t easy hearing what the judges had to say about his performances, particularly the harsh words they had for him after his contemporary routine with Sabra on Wednesday night. Nevertheless, Kameron is happy that he made it as far as he did and told us at BuddyTV earlier today that he’s hoping that some of the connections he’s made in the industry through the show will help launch him into even bigger and better things.

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This is Royce from BuddyTV, and I'm here with Kameron, top 10 finalist on So You Think You Can Dance. How's it going, Kameron?

Pretty good, man. How you doing?

I’m doing great. Thanks for taking the time to talk to us.

No problem, no problem.

So, Kameron, maybe we can start off by talking a little bit about your background and what made you try out for the show?

Well, I mean, I had been watching the show for the past two seasons and, you know, I was sitting in the classroom in college, and I just really wanted to go out there see if I could do it. When I got to Atlanta, and I saw all the talent that was just there in Atlanta, I really didn't know how far I was going to go, and then when I got to Vegas, and I saw all the talent that was there, I started to… you know, I was just amazed. And then making it to the top 20 was a dream come true in itself and then now to make it to the top 10, and to be going on tour and to have that to look forward to, it's really amazing.

You mentioned that you've been watching the past two seasons. Now that you've been on the show, was it anything like you expected it to be? How different is it actually being on the show compared to watching it on television?

I mean, you know, watching on TV, you don’t see what goes on behind the scenes and stuff like that, as far as the production and the downtime with all the rest of the contestants. I never thought I would get… I thought when I got out here it would be, like, a competition, and really, instead of everybody being competitors, we've all just become like a huge family. That's so different than what I had expected, coming out here, it was definitely a pleasant surprise.

You mentioned that initially you didn't know how far you would make it in the competition. Was there ever a point where you started thinking to yourself, "Man, I'm really doing well on this show and I think I can it all the way to the top"?

Yeah, honestly, after the first week, and after the response that me and Lacey [Schwimmer] had gotten from day one, it was just overwhelming, the support that we had gotten, and just throughout the show, all the fan support and stuff like that has really been awesome. To have fans, is like, a dancer's, is like anybody's dream. And that's all it's been the whole time, I just don’t even want to wake up.

Speaking of Lacey, I have to ask you this, was there anything ever going on between you guys?

You know, honestly, working together, from day one, when we found out were working together, me and Lacey just kind of sat down and really got to know each other. And then when we actually got into working with Mia [Michaels], she just had us sitting in each other's arms for like seven minutes, just getting lost in that first song that we did. From then on, we just started building true friendship and chemistry that really showed. When you work with somebody for six weeks, the chemistry is definitely real. As far as a romance outside of the actual show, there was really nothing ever there. But, the chemistry was definitely there, and I definitely care for my partner.

How did you feel about the whole switching up partners, and being paired up with Sabra [Johnson]?

I was actually really excited, me and Sabra actually, we were talking before we drew the names and stuff like that. I really wanted to get her, just 'cause she's so strong, and she's such as bubbly person, and when we actually got to work together, that's exactly what happened. She just came in and she's such a little bubbly firecracker. She instantly put me in a good mood, and it was really easy to work with her, 'cause she's so strong as a partner, and it was just really cool.

Wednesday night, top 10 performance show, you and Sabra performed that contemporary piece, Sabra, she was definitely after your routine, definitely praised for her performance, whereas on the other hand, the judges gave you some pretty harsh criticism. What did you think about their feedback?

Honestly, you have to take what the judges say with a grain of salt. It's all based on one person's opinion, each individual opinion. Honestly, I just went out there and just really put my heart out there, and when I talked to Tyce [Di Oro] the choreographer about the performance, he was ecstatic, he was happy. And really, that's really what it was all about, making the choreographer happy. It is hard hearing those comments but they, the judges, have slowly but surely, from probably the third week on, just been downplaying my performance like that, so it didn’t really affect me all that much, 'cause it had been happening the previous weeks before that.

What was going on through you mind when you found yourself in the bottom two?

You know, I had never been there before, so I was just surprised to be there, but everyone is so talented, the competition gets so hard at this point, 'cause America loves all of us, so it's just anybody's game. You have a bad week, or at least the judges think you have a bad week, and sometimes America agrees, sometimes they don’t, so it all just depends. But it's just anybody's game, and you can never be too sure of your position on the show.

Looking back, what would you say was your strongest performance?

Looking back, honestly, the most fun, as far as a challenge in the beginning, really putting so much work into it and having an awesome performance, honestly, I would have to say the quickstep. Because, starting off, I had no partner experience, and Lacey had never done quickstep before, and just to see the growth from day one to the performance, I was so proud of myself and so surprised in a good way. And to put that work in and to see the outcome and we got great reviews that week about how good it looked and I couldn’t agree more. It definitely showed that we put in so much work and stuff like that.

What are you going to take away from this whole experience?

Just honestly, just being around all the dancers, you know, I think dancers have, in general, a certain passion from what we do. As far as with our passion with music and our bodies and stuff like that. Everybody, just being around that passion, is really inspiring. Just to go home at the end of the day and take that and just feed off of that, and to feed and project your own self further into your own career and just to keep dancing and doing what you love to do.

Speaking of your career, obviously you're very talented, you got the tour to look forward to, what else do you see for yourself in the coming weeks, months and years?

Hopefully I’m going to get out of Florida and move out to LA and try to establish myself out here and do some kind of commercial work, whether it's with music videos or dancing in movies, I want to do more commercial work , and hopefully get the opportunity to work, 'cause all the choreographers that we worked with on the show, like Tyce and Wade [Robson], and Adam Shankman, and Shane Sparks, they're doing all the work that's out here now, and hopefully I'll get the opportunity to work with them again in the future and keep dancing, doing what I love to do.

Kameron, do you have any final words for your fans out there?

I just want to say, thank you for all the support, I got so many emails that just really touched me, of people being inspired. Especially guys in the dance world, just to know that it's okay to dance, and people really picking up on that, and people that really got inspired, it's really cool to hear, and just want to say thanks for all the support and hope to see everybody on tour.

Awesome, well thanks again Kameron for your time, and from all of us at BuddyTV, good luck to you, and can't wait to see your career unfolds.

Thank you so much.

-Interview conducted by Royce Yuen

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