'Smash' Video Previews from 'Previews'
'Smash' Video Previews from 'Previews'
Jeff Dodge
Jeff Dodge
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
The cast and crew are in Boston for the debut of Bombshell. Will it go off without a hitch? It doesn't look like that'll happen. And judging by the below preview clips released by NBC, there will be performances galore in tonight's all-new episode, "Previews."

According to NBC, tonight "Bombshell faces its first audience just as a major crisis hits Rebecca Duvall (special guest star Uma Thurman). The team of Tom and Julia scramble to fix the show when the first preview falls short, and Frank must adjust to the unwelcome return of Michael Swift to his life. Dev seeks reconciliation with Karen, but explosive information about Ivy lurks just beneath the surface."

It's time for the first preview show, and here's Rebecca starting everything off with "Let Me Be Your Star." This is one of the best original songs to ever come out of Smash, and she just cannot sing that well. We need Karen or Ivy back in there!

We're getting some more original songs, which is always great to see happen. Here is "Don't Say Yes." But who is that man singing -- what character is he supposed to be?

Next, we see Karen and Ivy and the rest of the cast/ensemble debuting a new song. But where's Rebecca? Has she bailed on the show (or maybe fired after that opening number above?), or does this scene not need Marilyn in it? And what characters are Karen and Ivy playing?

Then it's time to go to church! In yet another moment where her songs are performed outside of the musical, Karen joins the choir at Sam's church with a gospel song. Why would the Bombshell cast need to go to his church -- for a bonding experience, maybe? To pray and seek spiritual guidance before previews begin?

Rebecca and Karen are talking to each other, when suddenly something happens to Rebecca after she drinks a smoothie. Did someone tamper with it so they could get rid of her?

Finally, have you wanted to see Anjelica Huston perform on Smash? Well, here's your chance, as Eileen sings "September Song" to Nick. What do you think? Should she do this more often?

Smash airs Mondays at 10pm on NBC.

(Image and videos courtesy of NBC)