'Smash' Recap: Stealing the Limelight
'Smash' Recap: Stealing the Limelight
Ever wondered what it looks like when a PG TV show tries to depict the wild and raunchy world of celebrity clubbing in New York City? This week, Smash did just that and the results were interesting in terms of character development, but not very satisfying in terms of realism. Let's see how it played out.

Club Song

Derek, in a moment of deep intimacy, tells Karen that he sees her as Marilyn in his head whenever Rebecca Duvall is performing. First, she can't believe it, but then the big movie star asks her to come out with her to party. So they pull up in a stretch limousine in front of a club and, upon arrival, Duvall coerces her into getting up on stage and sing. Which Karen does and then accepts a standing ovation from the clubbers.

New Song

The next day, Duvall suggests that Karen sing a new song that is the writer's answer to so much of the star's complaints. Later, she gives her expensive clothing that has been given to her by virtue of simply being famous. Then ensues an escapade of Tequila shots, disco dancing and giving the finger to the paparazzi. Dev, waiting at home for Karen, discovers her pictures online and is not amused. Then again, Duvall had warned Karen earlier that a boyfriend "might be a problem" going forward.

Kale Shakes

Meanwhile, Derek loses control over rehearsals. Not only is Rebecca demanding changes to the script (i.e. more scenes, less singing), she is also constantly late, doesn't want to rehearse in the order planned by the director and she enlists production people to make kale shakes for her. After some complaining to Eileen, she puts Ellis on kale shake duty.

Runaway Son

Leo, Julia's annoying son, has run away. "I'm not gonna lie to you," grumbles the cop who comes to take her statement. "Running away in New York City is the most dangerous thing a kid could do." New York being home to so many criminals, and all. After some digging around, Julia finds out that her beloved son sleeps on the floor of some friend's room. And because said friend lectures Julia that she shouldn't freak out because this situation is not Leo's fault, nor his. So the concerned parent that she is, she just lets him stay there until he comes crawling back home.

Back in the Race

With Duvall taking Karen under her wing and stealing the spotlight away from Ivy, the shunned former-Marilyn devises an ingenious plan to get back under Derek's good graces in rehearsals. The director being uber-annoyed with Duvall, sneaky Ivy texts Karen (who, remember, appears as Marilyn to Derek in visions) that she doesn't need to come to rehearsal anymore. When the time comes for the new song to be performed by Karen, Ivy can readily jump in. And she impresses everyone. Is she back in the race?

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