'Smash' Recap: Sex Sells
'Smash' Recap: Sex Sells
Two Alpha Males

Karen's boyfriend Dev meets Derek as he is having drinks with Karen. Immediately, they both start to mark their territory. And by territory, I mean Karen. Because Derek just oozes sexual energy and apparently lays sexual claim on both candidates for the Marilyn part. Dev, though, has wonderful repartee. "Are you from South London?" he asks. "I hear it in your O's." Brits just have funny insults, don't they?

Going Back Home

Karen, because she is not Marilyn and has not a lot to do this week, gets the inevitable smalltown-girl-in-big-city-visits-parents-and-realizes-how-much-she's-changed. You see, the Marilyn Monroe musical hasn't really been written yet. It's in the so-called "workshop" phase, in which songs are tested and the creative team figures out what works and what doesn't. The problem is the workshop doesn't pay the actors very well ... $200 a week, to be exact. And in New York, $200 a week doesn't get you very far.

So Karen is not sure if she should participate in the workshop. On the one hand, it's the project she's been dreaming about; on the other hand, she could probably find jobs that pay better. To complicate matters, Dev offers to support her while she's in the workshop. But Karen doesn't feel like she's "ready yet for such a commitment." Back home, though, her girlfriends advise that "feminism is overrated" and that it's "totally awesome that he wants to provide" for her. In any event, she decides to do the workshop.

Enter Michael Swift

Michael Swift, our first male singer of the series, has a similar problem. He has a son and wants to "provide for him." And, as seen, $200 a week can't do that. But that Marilyn musical must really be something because he accepts to participate in the workshop.

The problem is that Julia had an affair with him a few years prior and hasn't told anyone. And now she is worried that she won't be able to resist him again. You might notice the two main themes of this week's episode emerging: sexual attraction and money problems.

Let's Go to Your Place!

Sexual attraction can also be observed between Derek and Ivy. Director and main star are still sleeping together. But they're never going to Derek's place, so finally Ivy confronts him about it and then he tells her the story of why and zzzzzzzzz ... Sorry, but this storyline really went nowhere. Which could be said about most of this week's other storylines too, I guess.

The Assistant

In other predictable storyline news, Tom's assistant Ellis turns out to be just as irritating as we all predicted he would be. He finally gets the idea in his head that he should be paid for coming up with the idea for the musical. But the writers seem intent on stretching this out as far as possible, so this also gets nowhere. But tune in next week to see if the writers turn this predictable snooze fest into something actually good. Stranger things have happened.

What did you think about this episode? Are the storylines grabbing you or are you hoping for a little more heat?

Jan Cee
Contributing Writer

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