NBC Mid-Season Schedule: 'Smash,' 'Community' and More Premiere Dates
NBC Mid-Season Schedule: 'Smash,' 'Community' and More Premiere Dates
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
NBC has announced its plans for 2013, and things are changing in a big way. Smash is moving to Tuesday nights, The Voice and Revolution will be off until the end of March and Community will return to its original time slot, Thursdays at 8pm.

The new schedule only includes a few of the changes, not the complete line-up. It's likely that Wednesday and Fridays will remain unchanged.

MONDAYS (starting January 7)
8pm: The Biggest Loser
10pm: Deception

The Biggest Loser, featuring the return of trainer Jillian Michaels, will get a two-night premiere starting Sunday, January 6 at 9pm before settling into its regular time slot, Mondays at 8pm. It's followed by the new Meagan Good, Revenge-esque drama series Deception (formerly called Infamous and Notorious).

MONDAYS (starting March 25)
8pm: The Voice
10pm: Revolution

Both shows will be taking a winter hiatus, but they return to their regular time slots at the end of March. The Voice season 4 will mark the arrival of new coaches Usher and Shakira.

8pm: Betty White's Off Their Rockers
10pm: Smash

The Betty White reality show returns January 8 and will run until The Voice returns March 26. Smash's second season with Jennifer Hudson will have a two-hour premiere February 5 at 9pm before moving to its regular time slot, 10pm, on February 12.

8pm: Community
8:30pm: Parks and Recreation
9pm: The Office
9:30pm: 1600 Penn

Community's long-awaited fourth season begins February 7 after 30 Rock concludes its final season. The new White House comedy 1600 Penn (with Bill Pullman and Jenna Elfman) premieres January 10.

8pm: Ready for Love
10pm: The Celebrity Apprentice: All-Stars

The new Eva Longoria-produced reality dating show Ready for Love begins March 31 with two-hour episodes. The Celebrity Apprentice's All-Stars season will begin March 3 at 9pm with two-hour episodes, but will be cut to hour-long episodes at 10pm starting March 31.

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