'Smallville' Fan Columnist: The Final Challenge
'Smallville' Fan Columnist: The Final Challenge
Taryn S.
Taryn S.
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"Do you believe a man can fly?" That was a question Lex Luthor posed to Clark Kent ten years ago, and now it can finally be answered

YES! A man can fly!

In the series' last episode, "Finale," Clark takes the final step in becoming the world's greatest hero.

"You Don't Have to Let Go of the Past to Move On"

Listen to your mama, Clark!  Brainiac told you not to dwell in the past, but you don't have to let it all go. With Lois set on calling off the wedding, Clark begins to think it is better for him to stand alone, that he is beyond any guidance either of his fathers could give him. Clark, Jonathan's right there, just let yourself see him!  

Seconds away from telling Lois he agrees with canceling the wedding, the bride-to-be stops him and locks Clark out of their apartment. It's bad luck to see the bride on the wedding day.  Looks like someone read your vows, Clark. You can thank Chloe later. After reading Lois' vows, Clark's doubts disappear and the wedding is back on.  

However, it wouldn't be Smallville if the wedding didn't end in disaster. Clark shows up to walk his bride down the isle since her father was called away and they make it to the altar and through the vows. But something's not right, Chloe. That's not the ring Oliver showed you earlier. Realizing it's made of Gold Kryptonite, Chloe pushes it out of the way before it can strip Clark of his powers forever. The chapel is cleared as Clark faces off with a possessed Oliver. "I'm not giving up on you, Oliver. You have a good heart, let it guide you." And Oliver is back! See Clark, there is a cure to the darkness. They just need to believe.

"Luthors Are Survivors"

There are some people you just can't kill. And no family proves this better than the Luthors.  While Tess tries desperately to warn Clark of the planet Apokolips heading straight for Earth, she is kidnapped by dear old dad. Lionel is willing to do anything to get his son back, including killing his daughter. Lex had exact clones made of all his body parts; all he needs is a heart. But Tess won't go down without a fight. Pulling some impressive moves, Tess breaks free and shoots Lionel. Looks like he's not only destined to die at the hand of his kids but to serve as a vessel -- first for Jor-El five years ago and now for Darkseid, as he trades his soul for his son's life. That's right ... Lex is back!

"Every Villain is Only as Great as His Hero"

That's why you have to be greater, Clark. Coming face-to-face with his once-was-best-friend, Clark once again realizes he and Lex are on different sides and that's how it's always going to be. Now you have to go fight off Darkseid, Clark, so yours and Lex's story can be written.

His final challenge has arrived. Darkseid meets Clark at the barn and it's the moment of truth. It's time for you to fly Clarkie boy! In an epic montage of all his trials dating back to that day on the bridge in the "Pilot," Clark finally finds he's had the power in him all along and, with a clench of his fists and a proud look, Clark Kent flies straight into Darkseid, sending him into poof of smoke.

"Always Hold Onto Smallville"

Looks like Martha was right, Clark. You have to hold onto your past. With Darkseid defeated, there is still one more matter to deal with, the looming Apokolips threatening to crash into the planet. It's time to suit up and show yourself to the world so people can believe and shed themselves of the darkness. And who better to give Clark the suit than his proud fathers, Jor-El releasing it and Jonathan handing it to him. Clark flies off to his destiny, saving the world from Apokolips, but not before saving his lady love who had snuck aboard a plane in an attempt to stop the President from nuking the oncoming planet and killing millions of people. Lois Lane gets her big break as a reporter as Clark flies out of the shadows and into the light.

"And that was the day the boy became Superman." Seven years later, Chloe tucks her son into bed as Lois and Clark head back to the chapel to seal the deal. Yes, it took them seven years to get married officially but hey, being publicly known as Superman leads to more issues to sort out, they had to work even more on distancing the hero from his Clark Kent persona. But rest assured, everything is as how it's supposed to be. Lex Luthor is president with no memory of his time in Smallville, courtesy of Tess touching him with a cognitive recognition paralyzing neurotoxin before dying by his hand. Lois and Clark are partners at the Daily Planet, working with Perry White and the real Jimmy Olsen. And, of course, Clark Kent is finally Superman.

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