Smallville: Episode 7.4, "Cure" Recap
Smallville: Episode 7.4, "Cure" Recap
The big news for Smallville tonight was the appearance of the man who most recently played Superman on network TV, Dean Cain.  Cain portrayed the Man of Steel on the ABC hour-long Lois and Clark which, among other things, brought Teri Hatcher into American homes.  Cain, on tonight's episode of Smallville, goes the other way and plays the bad guy, the evil Dr. Curtis Knox.  Other than that, we learn some more about Kara's past and what Lana is up to, plus some major moments in Chloe and Jimmy's relationship.

Chloe and Jimmy are having a nice little talk over coffee, Jimmy showing Chloe a pair of concert tickets he bought for them, when Chloe recognizes one of the meteor freaks.  She thinks the girl has escaped from the hospital.  Chloe calls the hospital from outside, but the girl shows up in Chloe's face.  It turns out that the girl was cured, thanks to the work of Dr. Curtis Knox (Dean Cain).  One downside is that when she was cured, some of her memory was wiped away.  The girl remembers nothing from the past six years.

Later, as the cured meteor girl is about to get in her car, she's approached by Dr. Knox.  He says that he needs something from her and knocks her out with a chemical and drags her away.  It's quite clear that Knox is an evil, evil man.

Lana makes Clark breakfast.  Kara talks to Lana about her and Clark's feelings for each other.  Martian Manhunter appears in the Kent house and puts his hand around Kara's neck, telling her to stay away from Kal-El.  It appears Martian and Kara have an ugly past.  Lana meets Martian, is a little distrubed that he comes from Mars.

Manhunter warns Clark that Kara is dangerous.  He asks if Kara has a crystal.  Clark explains that she did.  He tells Clark that he must find that crystal before she does, or all he holds dear could be lost. Kara overhears all of it.

Lex meets with Dr. Knox.  They are in on whatever scheme they're undertaking together.  Knox is something of a mercenary.  Lex is upset for some of the extra-curricular and unnecesary tests Knox is going through.  Lex asks why three of the patients are missing.  Knox supposes it might have something to do with their loss of memory.

Knox has a creepy apartment where he takes care of a woman who he calls "my love."  He tells her comatose body that he's found another piece of the puzzle.  The cured girl from the beginning is tied up, alive and alert, in the same apartment.  Knox picks out a big knife and looks like he's about to cut the girl open.

Chloe tells Jimmy that she can't go to the concert because she's tracking down a lead on the meteor freak story.  Jimmy is upset that the meteor freaks are getting in the way of their relationship.  Clark shows up and asks Chloe to help locate Kara's crystal.  Chloe says no, that she has better things to do.

Chloe checks herself in to Dr. Knox and asks to be cured.  Yikes!

Lana IMs something about an apartment.  Clark arrives and asks is she has talked to Kara at all.  Lana has been doing her own research on the meteor stuff and mentions that Dr. Knox is a neurosurgeon who's using brain surgery to cure the meteor freaks.

Kara shows up and asks Jimmy if she knows where Lois is.  The two have a flirtatious little discussion, Kara getting Jimmy to help her with some photography.

Chloe tells Clark that Dr. Knox is going to fit her in at the end of the week.  Clark tries to convince her not to go through with it.  She writes a letter to Jimmy, in case she loses her memory during the procedure.  Chloe's going to go through with it.

Dr. Knox is about to deposit a dead body into some compost heap, when Lex confronts him.  Dr. Knox doesn't back down, so Lex shoots him a few times in the chest.  Lex thinks he's killed Knox.  But, he hasn't.  Knox insinuates that he's been alive for thousands of years.  That'd be interesting. Knox knocks out Lex.  Clark shows up, knocks Knox up against an electric fence, and then hurries Lex away.

Jimmy and Kara continue their flirtatious ways, this time over some Chinese food.  Cheesy dialogue ensues.  I think they end up decoding some video that Lois took.  Kara makes Jimmy promise that he won't tell Chloe or Clark about what they've found.  Chloe shows up and sees the two of them holding hands.  She gets the wrong impression and despite Jimmy begging to explain, she says goodbye and leaves.

Lex wakes up and has a testy little conversation with Clark.  Clark learns that Knox cannot be killed and that he's killing his patients.

Chloe shows up at Knox's office and finds herself creepily alone with the doctor.  Chloe realizes that Knox is not what he seems.  She tries to leave, but Knox knocks her out with the chemicals.  Clark talks to Jimmy and figures out that Chloe is with Knox.

Chloe awakens, tied up to a gurney.  Knox tells her that he's taking her heart.  The woman that Knox has been taking care of is Sophia, his love, and the only body part he needs to keep her alive forever is a hear.  Chloe's heart.

Clark arrives at Knox's office, and finds a watch of Knox's.  Knox is no where to be found.  Lex shows up and tells Clark that he can't find him either.  Lex takes a gander at the watch, and reads some Latin on the back and deduces that he lives at the Victorian Arms (or something like that).

About to cut Chloe open, Knox admits that he was Jack the Ripper back in the day.  Clark shows up and starts fighting Knox, who's pretty tough.  In the midst of the fight, Knox inadvertently destroys the machine that was keeping his Sophia alive.  Knox watches her die. Martian Manhunter took Knox away.

Kara and Martian get into a spat over Kara's father.  Kara gets upset and says "I guess this family reunion is over."  The she flies away.

Clark talks to Lana about how Lex told him Lana stole ten million dollars.  Lana tells Clark not listen to Lex's lies and that the money was part of the divorce settlement.  Lana enters a crazy apartment full of computer screens and surveillance equipment.  She's spying on Lex. 

Chloe comes back to Jimmy and they reminisce about old times. However, things go wrong when Chloe tells Jimmy that things will likely never be normal between them.  Jimmy doesn't know if he can deal with that and asks Chloe why that would be.  Chloe wants to answer, but can't.  Jimmy walks out on her.  They break up.

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