'Sleepy Hollow' Recap: This Time It's Personal
'Sleepy Hollow' Recap: This Time It's Personal
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
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On this week's episode of Sleepy Hollow, Ichabod interrogates the Horseman and is reminded of a betrayal from his past. Captain Irving recruits Jenny to battle the forces of evil on the down low. And the urgency to free Katrina grows.

Good Cop, Bad Cop

Now that Captain Irving, Ichabod and Abbie have captured the Headless Horseman, the question remains, what do they do with him? Since death is indestructible, their short-term plan is to keep him chained in a cell designed by Thomas Jefferson and for Katrina's coven put a hex around it to keep evil out. Evil other than the Horseman, or did the hex kick in after their prisoner took up residence?

Abbie tells Irving that stopping the Horseman is just one of many battles in a war that has just begun. Ichabod suggests they treat him like any other captured enemy and interrogate him. Ichabod says the Horseman rode into Sleepy Hollow for a reason and is convinced that the Hessian must know what other evil is afoot. Irving doesn't believe the Horseman, who can't be bribed with Lucky Strikes and a cool beverage, will "talk" to Ichabod.

Abbie and Ichabod decide their best shot is getting him to talk to someone who is already dead: Officer Andy Brooks. Ichabod points out to Irving that Officer Andy delivered a message to the Horseman on their behalf before, so they must communicate. Irving is surprised to learn that Officer Andy is deceased. Abbie tells him the rules on that status have gotten a little "bendy." Ichabod adds that he was unhappily resurrected to be Moloch's minion. Abbie questions whether Andy is trustworthy. Ichabod thinks that Andy's unhappiness at his current predicament coupled with his crush on Andy will make him amenable. After all, he helped them apprehend the Horseman.

Officer Andy and the Rider

Two hunters are approached by the Horseman's steed. One of the men immediately places a call. Again, the cell phone reception in this town is outstanding! He speaks in German and tells the person at the other end of the line that something has happened to "the rider." He says that "Team Three" needs to be gathered. He then shoots his companion.

Ichabod and Abbie return to the tunnels to search for Andy. They find the spot where's he's been squatting, but the undead informant was not expecting callers and therefore is not at home. Abbie says he's a creature of habit and that he will return.

An Uneasy Alliance

Jenny, finally out of the psychiatric hospital for good, doesn't even get to savor her soy latte before being hauled into the station by Irving's men. He explains that they have the Horseman. This piques her interest, and she requests to see him. Irving tells Jenny that Abbie specifically requested her sister's help, believing she'll be valuable. He wants to believe it, but she hasn't proven herself, at least to him.

An officer interrupt to tell Irving there's been a disturbance at a local antiques store. Jenny is familiar with the place because she used to do to freelance acquisitions for the owner. When Irving tries to get specifics, Jenny clams up. Frustrated with her lack of cooperation and mistrust of authority, Irving tells her to stay put until he returns.

As he leaves, Jenny stops him and asks what he wants from her. He makes it clear that he doesn't want the residents of Sleepy Hollow to ever become privy about the supernatural forces that are a constant presence in the town. But he's new to all of this while she's spent the last 12 years thinking about the days that the demons would rise. He says she can go it alone or help them; is she in or out? Jenny says she's in.

Talking to the Dead

While waiting for Andy to return, Ichabod discovers ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics that aid in communicating with the dead. Andy returns and Ichabod calls him the Horseman's necromancer, an appointed one who has the power to speak for the dead. Ichabod tells Andy that if he helps them unearth the man within the Hessian, it is his shot at redemption.

Abbie has her doubts, and Andy begs her not to make him do it. She reminds him that he said he wanted to help her. He says he does, but his soul is no longer his own. When Moloch visits, he has no choice but to obey his commands. Andy warns her that if she puts him in the cell with the Horseman, it will end badly. I would take the dead guy's word on this one.

Despite admitting to Abbie that he can't be trusted and that confronting death can only lead to misery, Abbie still gives him some irresistible doe eyes and a pretty please, and he relents. But he's not putting up much of a fight anyway. It's as if he knows he doesn't have a choice.

A Plan to Free the Horseman

Jenny and Irving show up at the antiques store and think the robbery was staged, a distraction. Jenny shows Irving a secret room where the owner hides all his most valuable merchandise. They discover the owner, who has been shot but is alive. Irving and Jenny discover that an ancient relic was taken that could be used to break the hex spell on the cell holding the Horseman. No surprise that Hessians are behind the robbery. Irving tells Jenny they've got the Horseman weakened under UV lights. Jenny says they'll take out the power grid next. Now, how do the Hessians know where the Horseman is and how do they know under what conditions he's being held captive?

Jenny and Irving reach the power grid and think they've defeated the Hessians until Jenny discovers the relic missing from their possessions and a series of bombs go off, crippling the power grid.

So after the opening credits...

Dead Man Talking

Andy channels the Horseman, who happens to have in his possession a necklace once warn by Katrina. It was given to her by a former beau, Ichabod's best friend named Abraham. He went to the 18th century equivalent of Kay.

Flashback to a party where Katrina is presented with the necklace and Ichabod is in attendance. Katrina wants to call off the engagement (the marriage is arranged), not only because her heart belongs to Ichabod, but because it isn't right for her. He warns her there will be consequences.

Back in the present, Ichabod is distracted, wondering how the Horseman acquired Katrina's necklace and if he know why Moloch holds Katrina captive. Abbie warns him to stay focused, they need to find the Horseman's weakness and not the other way around.

Ichabod goads the Horseman and uses his anger against him. The Hessian admits that throughout the Revolutionary War he was searching for Ichabod. It was his mission to kill Ichabod then and remains so now. He says he will finish what he started, and as Ichabod dies he will think about the bloodshed that will follow and it will be on his hands.

Ichabod asks the Horseman why he was searching for him on the battlefield. He tells him it was to avenge the death of Crane's former partner, Abraham. He asks if Abbie knows that Crane betrayed and killed Abraham.

Bros Before Hoes

Abbie gets the latest on all the developments above ground. She tells Crane it will be several hours until the power is back on. Ichabod says that during that time, the Horseman will continue to grow stronger. He and Abbie now know that they have to fend off a rescue attempt.

Ichabod wants to resume the interrogation, but Abbie insists on knowing the 411 on his ex-bestie, Abraham. He tells her that Abraham was devastated when Katrina broke things off. Still nursing his broken heart, Abraham along with Ichabod  were charged with delivering an important document (the precursor to the Declaration of Independence).

Deep in enemy territory, Abraham is hurt and questioning why Katrina dumped him. Ichabod admits that she professed her love for him. Abraham draws his sword and is ready to take Ichabod out. Ichabod explains that now isn't the best time. He might have thought of that before telling Abraham that he and Katrina would like his blessing.

A sword fight ensues, despite Ichabod's earnest attempts to play only defense. Just as Abraham has him on the ground, he is shot by a Hessian soldier. Ichabod is attacked by several others. He is forced to leave Abraham so he can complete their mission.

A Secret War

Jenny and Irving show up. The relic is still MIA. Abbie asks Jenny how it works. Jenny tells her that whoever has it would have to break into the cell and perform a Druid incantation. That will lift the hex, allowing all sorts of things that go bump in the night to get into the cell with the Horseman.

Irving wants to call in reinforcements, but Abbie and Ichabod tell him they don't know who they can trust. He agrees to place men at access points but not to let anyone into the tunnels. He recruits Jenny and Abbie to get more weapons, but Ichabod refuses to leave the prisoner and Officer Andy alone. Abbie is anxious about leaving Ichabod behind after witnessing how effective the Horseman has been at getting under his skin. She warns him not to lose his cool.

He Said It Wouldn't End Well

When Andy said he couldn't be trusted, he wasn't lying, which is ironic in a way. He has the relic, which he removes from its hiding place from inside his body. Enter some nasty looking demons that are blown to bits by Abby, Irving and Jenny.

Somehow, Ichabod manages to miss Officer Andy performing the incantation and resumes trying to interrogate the Horseman. He give an indicator that he hears the gunshots that must be reverberating like crazy off those tunnel walls.

Before Ichabod can find out what unfinished business the Horseman has with him, he notices Andy's little trinket and puts two and two together. The Horseman breaks free of his chains and gets ready to put a serious hurting on Ichabod. As the two duel it out, Ichabod comes to the realization that the Horseman is his old pal, Abraham. Ichabod may have seen his friend die, but he missed the part when Moloch recruited him into his Hessian army.

The Horseman's ultimate endgame is to posses Katrina's soul. Ichabod is spared when Officer Andy gets a last-minute dispatch from Moloch telling the Horseman that the master forbids him from killing Ichabod. He then disappears from the cell with the Horseman and a few demons in tow.

Expect to see much more of Katrina now that we know she is the Horseman's weakness.

Sleepy Hollow airs Monday at 9pm on FOX.

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