'America's Got Talent' Recap: A Lot Going On at Once in the Quarterfinals
'America's Got Talent' Recap: A Lot Going On at Once in the Quarterfinals
Nick Cannon looks smooth tonight in resort casual! After Howard tells us he thinks tonight will be truly spectacular, Nick introduces The Untouchables, the spawn of The Miami All-Stars. "We work so hard it's not even funny," a child who has never held a steady job tells us. These kids are good, though, I won't deny them that. My interest has been piqued by different stuff we've seen from The Untouchables so far on this season, but in the end it is still children ballroom dancing, which Piers loved and I do not. They're good, but I don't know that this was their best or most thrilling performance.

Howie asked them if he should wear a hat or no hat. Yeah, that's relevant feedback, Howie. Thanks for that.

The juggler! He calls himself Rock Star Juggler Mike Price. How douchey is that. "People are thirsty for something different," Rock Star Juggler Mike Price says. In the juggling world? He's juggling swords atop a unicycle, which isn't exactly "something different," but it's an admirable level of talent for sure. Then he juggled flaming batons, got off the tall unicycle, and dropped a flaming baton. I bet that girl is really nervous that he's dumping gasoline on her now. He juggled some more flaming batons, then set a pile of logs on fire. Eh. Howard does not think RSJMP will go through, and I'm inclined to agree. Someone's not going to be having as much fun in the Orville Lounge tonight.

Inspire the Fire wants to change the world. They are a singing/dancing group with an inspiration-based mission statement. They hope to lift hearts with every dance move. A tall order. They've selected "Firework" by Katy Perry for this performance. It's a little too manic and the singing isn't good enough for me, but I'm not a huge show choir person. The cameras caught someone fall out of a backflip, too, which was just painful. It's too much dancing and singing, and effort. Howie says he wasn't inspired, he thought it was a cheesy high school musical. He said it wasn't a million dollar act, it was worth about $125. Sharon found it insincere, and Howard agreed. He lets them go almost immediately. "You're very talented people, it just didn't work out," Howard consoles them. The Fire responded like Mike Price, with positivity and acceptance. Good for them!

I'm not sure I understand Cristin Sandu's act, but I like that he added something new (a twirly box?) to his balancing act. It is literally a balancing act. I wonder where it can go from here, though. It's impressive every time, except this time when it toppled. The music faded out, and in the silence, Howard's buzzer rang out. The judges offer their condolences and a standing ovation for trying.

We haven't seen much from Elusive yet (too elusive!), mostly because this show is all about Turf. Elusive set up the stage like a club, and dressed like eurotrash for the occasion. It felt like a lot of tricks, and not as many transitions. Howie calls it "dazzling" because we're desperate for talent at this point. He's hoping for an Elusive - Turf dance-off, and I just don't feel like that would happen, even if America votes him through. Howard notes that Elusive wasn't better than Turf tonight.

Jake Wesley Rogers shouldn't have changed his hair. I didn't recognize him with his new hair. He describes himself as "very awkward," so I'm not sure about what we will see tonight. He's taking on Britney Spears's "Toxic," and it's kind of delightful. I don't like his new hair, though. Once he got to the chorus I liked it less. In my opinion, he should not move through, but he is good. "I don't think even Britney Spears likes that song," Howard ventured. I can't believe he's only 15 though!

All Wheel Sports is up, and I think this is the one that also does gymnastics? "They do everything at the same time," Howie notes of All Wheel Sports. They lower someone on a bike from the ceiling, then throw people up in the air through other people and trampolines. It's so much going on all at once. What am I supposed to be watching? At least if someone falls, we won't see it. Unlike Inspire the Fire, everything they're putting on stage is good and at an expert level, but it's just too much. It's too much stuff going on! Sharon loved it, Howard isn't completely sure people can follow it. I couldn't!

Wordspit and the Illest is probably a favorite going into this. They still only have 90 seconds, but they're taking a chance with an original song. Interesting. I hope it's good! I think this act could occasionally suffer from the same problem as a lot of the other acts tonight--too much going on. It was a bit busy, but I think it worked, and they definitely had the best/highest energy up there tonight so far. Howie and Sharon thought it was a risk, Howard loved it. I'm inclined to agree with Howie for once, though, this is a popularity contest and people may find it harder to pick up the phone for something completely unfamiliar.

Yay, Jacob Williams! There's no way he will literally fall down, right? What a relief. His clip package was hilarious. I loved him just sitting calmly in the tilt-a-whirl, looking bored as hell. I adore him. I love his cadence and timing. So dry. Perfect. His material was so good, too! Sharon thought it was OK, Howard loved it, and Howie proclaimed it the best act of the night (so far). And if we're getting into this, I prefer him to Tom Cotter.

All Beef Patty must be good, because she got a pretty good spot in the line-up. Howard wants her to step out of the cabaret box and make it bigger. You're asking a drag queen to make it bigger? Dangerous suggestion, Howard. She stepped it up with the dancing football boys, but is this act too Gay Pride for America? It was, perhaps, the wrong performance in the wrong context. She didn't move enough, comparatively to her dancers, and it might not have pushed past cabaret to Vegas.

Can every act be Spencer Horseman's deadliest yet? Oh my god look at that creepy dummy in his child magic act! What was that? Spencer is in a chain straightjacket made of metal, and will be freeing himself from a bank bag before he is impaled by spikes. The act is exciting until he gets inside the bank bag, then all we see is a big bag convulsing and wiggling behind a screen. That is, somehow, less exciting. I wish we could see him do it. With 13 seconds to go, the bag drops into the spikes, but Spencer emerges unharmed. So wait, was this an illusion? It was confusing, and some of the judges think he blew it.

The final act of the night is the un-defeatable light act of the season. Lightwire Theatre loves dance, and dinosaurs I think. It's lights, it's puppets, it's dinosaurs. It can not fail. OK, this time it's a bird, I guess. BirdS. The birds are way more awesome than the dinosaurs, in my opinion. This could win it all, perhaps! It's definitely safe for this week.

Who do you think the top 4 will be from this group?
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