'Shark' Alum Joins 'Numbers'
'Shark' Alum Joins 'Numbers'
When CBS rolled out its list of 25th-hour pickups last month, Shark didn't make it to the happy list and its run ended at the close of its sophomore season.  Among those that were left unemployed by its cancellation was Sophina Brown, who had essayed the role of Raina Troy.

Brown is back among the gainfully working now, after being tapped to fill in a void on another CBS show, Numb3rs.

Brown joins the cast of the crime procedural when Numbers returns to our small screens this fall.  According to The Hollywood Reporter, Brown will come in as Nikki Donat, an adrenaline junkie, who also happens to be a former officer with the LAPD.  She becomes a junior agent with the Los Angeles FBI team in what is reportedly a recurring gig for now, with the possibility of eventually turning regular.

Brown will be stepping into some fairly big shows coming into Numb3rs, where she is reportedly meant to fill in the void left behind by the departure of Diane Farr.  Farr, who had essayed the role of Megan Reeves on the series, opted out of renewing her contract at the end of the recently concluded fourth season.

“I'm not leaving because I'm having babies.  I'm leaving because I'm going to do a different job,” Farr told TV Guide last month.  “I think after three years, most actors feel the need to see what else they can use their brain for.  Numb3rs was such a perfect job.  It was easy and it was fun and it was good people.”

The actress also addressed the potential fallout or discontent some fans may have felt about her exit, in relation to her onscreen romance with Peter MacNicol's character on the series:  “It was easy and fun - and if anyone's not satisfied with the end of Megan and Larry's story, I hope they understand that after the strike there was very little time to write something fantastic.  It's not because people didn't like Larry or Megan.”

-Rosario Santiago, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: The Hollywood Reporter, TV Guide
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