'Shark Tank' Season 3 Preview Guide: They're Hungry for Money
'Shark Tank' Season 3 Preview Guide: They're Hungry for Money
Last season on Shark Tank, there were plenty of insane investments as the sharks made offerings to entrepreneurs that sometimes topped $10 million -- wow, that's a lot of money! One of the sharks even offered to give about $4 million of his own money; this was a first in Shark Tank history. With such high stakes and the show's popularity, how could ABC not make plans for Shark Tank season 3?

What to Expect on Shark Tank Season 3

Unfortunately, nothing has been released yet about what is going to happen specifically on Shark Tank season 3. The only thing confirmed so far is that there definitely will be a new season! But here's what's expected to happen: There will probably be even crazier investment offers from new entrepreneurs looking to give a good push to their businesses -- crazier than in season 2. There are endless possibilities with so many deals needing to be settled.

It's all about the money, and if the entrepreneurs choose right, they'll be able to get their sales to skyrocket. It's happened in the past -- just take a look at Susan Knapp, who had sales for her gourmet food company, A Perfect Pear, increase by 100 percent after she appeared on the show. Obviously she made the right decision! Same with Tod Wilson, who was seen in season 1 and now claims that his company, Mr. Tod's Pie Factory, has tripled its business since. All with the help of the Sharks!

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Some will swim and others will drown! Who will be able to get their business out there? Too bad there isn't a release date yet, because fans are itching for Shark Tank season 3! Keep an eye on BuddyTV for any new information about release dates.

Priscilla Albano
Contributing Writer

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