Why 'SEAL Team' Needs to Explore Stella's Fears More
Why 'SEAL Team' Needs to Explore Stella's Fears More
Alexandria Gunn
Alexandria Gunn
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
When Stella met Clay's new neighbors, she learned more about the dangers of marines. The neighbor's wife explained about the mental health issues that go along with the physical injuries, clearly scaring Stella about the potential future for Clay in SEAL Team. It's a genuine fear for military spouses, and it needs to be explored more in the series.

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A Reminder That It's Normal to Be Scared

Spouses' fears are often ignored on military shows. If they are mentioned, they're usually mentioned in passing and quickly forgotten about. However, fears of girlfriends, wives and other partners are normal and understandable. There's no need to make it a taboo subject or make a character look selfish because of these fears.

Stella worrying about Clay potentially being injured and even killed in active duty is sensible. She will need to decide if that's something she can live with on a daily basis. It's never going to go away but it could get easier. While many shows ignore this part of a relationship, SEAL Team has a chance to explore it more deeply.

The show has already had one wife stand by her husband after a traumatic injury and the mental and physical rehabilitation that comes from that. This wife would be a perfect friend for Stella, as she deals with her fears for Clay. The wife could become a confidant of sorts and someone to help Stella sort through her feelings.

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Show the Reality for Those Left Behind

Ignoring the fact that spouses and partners have these fears would be an injustice to a show that has been very focused on mixing military and personal lives together. Jason's wife has already admitted that Jason isn't the man she married. The missions have changed him, especially Nate's death. She worries that they will drift further apart.

Meanwhile, Ray's wife has taken on the financial stress while Ray has been away, while also dealing with a new baby in the house. She has tried to remain supportive of her husband, but finally admitted just how much financial danger they're in.

However, not all members of the team are married. Clay is just starting a relationship. It's not all rainbows and kitty cats. SEAL Team has a unique possibility to show the reality of starting a relationship with a SEAL; of Stella not knowing what she was getting herself into and then finding out the full truth from a neighbor. There's a chance to show the romanticized vision of dating a SEAL, only to then be faced with the realities of what it could mean in the future. It's not an easy position to be in and the show owes it to the public to be realistic and honest about that.

Do you think SEAL Team should explore Stella's fears more? Would you like to see her battle with the idea of staying or leaving? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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