Scrubs: Zach Braff to be Voice of Water in New Ad Campaign
Scrubs: Zach Braff to be Voice of Water in New Ad Campaign
Zach Braff was supposed to explode after Garden State.  That film made Braff a national phenomenon, and the Scrubs star was seemingly on the path to stardom.  Since then, however, Braff's film career has stalled.  He's remained on Scrubs, though the comedy hasn't exactly set the world on fire, enduring questionable handling by NBC before finally landing on ABC this year for its likely final season.  Whether Scrubs goes one more year or not, this is Braff's last season on the medical comedy, after which he will try to return to post-Garden State levels of fame.  But first, Braff will be the voice of water.  Yes, water.  Braff recently signed on to be the the spokesman for PUR Water Filtration's new $45 million dollar advertising campaign. 

PUR Water Filtration, which uses a snazzy nozzle that hooks up directly to your tap, is attempting to take on the suddenly static bottle water trade.  The environmental concerns regarding bottled water, where it comes from and how the bottles are disposed of have become more prevalent over the past year, and PUR sees this as the best time to get in there and gain a bigger share of the water market. 

Braff will not appear in any commercials physically, only his voice.  Sample dialogue goes a little something like this: “I'm water. I shouldn't be trapped in a bottle. I've got things to do. Trees to grow. Thirsts to quench...”  Cutesy, sure, but I imagine it will be reasonably effective.  A filter is certainly more financially reasonable then buying truckloads of bottled water every year. 

Scrubs is slated to return to air sometime in mid-season on ABC.  Braff is getting ready to begin production on his second writer-director-star effort with Open Hearts, based on a 2002 Danish film. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
Source: AdWeek
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