'Scrubs' Return in March Confirmed, But No News of Renewal
'Scrubs' Return in March Confirmed, But No News of Renewal
It's been a Scrubs-less February for us fans, and it still looks even bleaker when March comes.  There are only two episodes left this season, but there doesn't seem to be any decision regarding the fate of the re-imagined series.

The Futon Critic reports that ABC has already confirmed the schedule for Scrubs [Med School]'s return.  They've been putting off airing the last two installments since January, and have only recently announced the upcoming schedule for them.

Scrubs will be returning on March 10 at 8pm with "Our Driving Issues," and again on the Wednesday after (that's March 17) with the season finale "Our Thanks."  The network announced last month that they planned to move the show to Comedy Wednesdays, hoping to give it better ratings that way.

Since it didn't push through then, they opted to skip a whole month before bringing it back.  Not exactly a wise decision for the network though.

It looks as though ABC doesn't have much faith in the series at all.  Even the show's creator Bill Lawrence is uncertain about its fate.

He recently posted the aforementioned episode schedules on his Twitter account, and deleted the whole update a while later.  It seems like he's just banking on his other show, Cougar Town, to stay in business.

Still, knowing how much of a survivor Scrubs is, we're still hoping for another season.  Granted, there are flaws to the show and all, but it definitely offers characters we'd like to know more.

We could let Lucy (Kerry Bishe) continue to learn the ropes, and watch the inevitable ups and downs of romance via Drew and Denise.  There's still plenty to tell when it comes to this comedy.  After all, Zach Braff wasn't the only one we were rooting for when this series first aired.

Besides, Scrubs is the show that just won't die.  Adding to the past troubles it endured is this whole month of onscreen absence.  Ever immortal, this Bill Lawrence baby surely has the capability to live on, and if it doesn't, we're okay with it.  Really.

Source: The Futon Critic
(Image Courtesy of ABC)