'Scrubs' Creator Breaks His Silence on What Led to His Break-Up with NBC
'Scrubs' Creator Breaks His Silence on What Led to His Break-Up with NBC
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
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ABC has officially taken Scrubs under its wing, leaving fans with a sense of relief in knowing that the show they have loved for seven years can properly bid farewell in style.  But before the dramedy moved into its new quarters, it was, for a long time, in the custody of NBC. Seeing that the series has pulled better ratings than 30 Rock and My Name is Earl, it's difficult to imagine what led Scrubs to break-up with NBC and what prompted the show to look for a new home.

The cast and crew of Scrubs have been tightlipped in response to inquiries about the move.  But now that the network shift has been officially announced, show creator Bill Lawrence intends to break his silence.

“When the strike ended, we told NBC that, even though we had another seven episodes mapped out, we could do it in three, and they just didn't have any interest.  Total harsh buzz of not giving a s--t about a show that had been on the network for seven years and made them millions of dollars. And I'd be more bitter, except that it worked out good for us,” Lawrence told TV Guide in an exclusive interview.

“I ask for three episodes to wrap up the series and they say, ‘Tough s—t,'” he emphasized.

Rumors about Scrubs' network hop have been circulating for months now but nothing was set in stone because legally and understandably, the cast and crew of the show were not allowed to say anything until after the show had finished its run on NBC.  And now that the series is all set to run its eighth and final season on ABC, fans can expect some changes.

Going from three episodes on NBC to an 18-episode order on ABC has its ramifications, which mostly involves a tight budget.  But Lawrence remains confident that the cast and crew of Scrubs will be able to pull it off in the most creative manner.

“We have a smaller writing staff and we're filming the show in four and a half days instead of five. And, you'll never notice it because we have so many actors on the show, but every cast member is taking two episodes off,” he said.

“This year the stuff is really f--king good.  I think our old stand-by fans are really going to dig these shows,” Lawrence added.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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