'Scandal' Recap: Who Framed David Rosen?
'Scandal' Recap: Who Framed David Rosen?
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
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Why the long face, everyone of Scandal? In "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot," the clock has moved 10 months later for everyone in Washington. How are they faring? And Olivia's new "friend" Jake has officially become creepiest character on TV.

A New Conspiracy Emerges

It's no surprise to learned that David Rosen lost his job after pursuing Defiance. He couldn't find a job anywhere so tried to form his own law firm out of his apartment. He's also a government teacher. His life isn't what it used to be, but it seems like he's getting by.

That's until he wakes up with a bloodied woman next to him and has to turn to the only person who can help him, as much as he hates it -- Olivia Pope. Her gang finds out Wendy liked to sleep around with men -- men with secrets. She sleeps with them, gets the dirt and then exposes them.

Although David resists Olivia's help after getting the info he needed, she did after all ruin his life, he turns to her with the flash drive he uncovered at his apartment. It seems Wendy was downloading Defiance files from his computer when she was murdered. The flash drive is so tiny the killer probably didn't realize she had that.

Files upon files of classified military documents are in the flash drive. The fact that a civilian had access to top secret information has huge implications, and David and Olivia have now found themselves tangled right in that web.

Slowing Falling Apart

If it weren't for his baby, who knows how the president would be? Fitz has found a fondess for Scotch, even needing it in the shower. He's shut the people close to him out of his life. Olivia is no longer around, Cyrus isn't the adviser that he used to be and he keeps Mellie at arms length.

It's Olivia who tells Cyrus that she's sure Fitz knows about Defiance. Shutting Cyrus out of important meetings and the regular goings on of the daily duties as president comes at a bad time because four Americans are being held hostage overseas. 

Now knowing that he doesn't deserve to be president, he's not confident in what he should do, and he doesn't go to Cyrus since he knows he was part of Defiance.

Trying to Keep It Together

Ten months later, we're not exactly sure how Olivia is doing other than that she's taken up swimming. But we get a glimpse of it when she's supposedly talking about Abby and David but is really talking about her and Fitz: That she tries to hate him because he hates her. And she throws herself into her work. And keeps busy by exercising.

Now she's busy helping David Rosen. But she's also the godmother to Cyrus' baby -- and Fitz is the godfather. So with the baby's christening, the two have to see each other for the first time. No surprise, sparks fly as they hold the baby together at the altar. 

Afterward, Fitz chases Olivia into a side room ... and a ton of steaminess ensues -- but not before Olivia slaps Fitz for kissing her. 

The moment is short-lived, however. He remains as cold as ever afterward. Olivia even admits to her mistake, but Fitz corrects her. It wasn't a mistake, but a betrayal.

Always Watching

Huck uncovers a telephone number that's been calling Wendy since her death -- that's Jake, the mysterious man Olivia first ran into at the coffee shop, who's now at the Pentagon. She finds out -- but not really -- that Wendy did have something on him, but he refuses to tell her what it is.

This happens before David finds the flash drive. You can put two and two together.

Meanwhile, Fitz has sent a team to rescue the hostages, except when they get there, nobody's there. They've been sent to the wrong address! This means there's a mole in the president's national security team. While Jake isn't in on the direct meetings with the president, there's no doubt he's somehow involved.

To top it all off, Jake is a total creeper! He tells Olivia he's a people watcher -- and he means that literally. He has security videos at his house, one even at Olivia's house, which means he's watching her as they're on the phone!

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