'Scandal' Recap: Operation Remington Revealed
'Scandal' Recap: Operation Remington Revealed
Kelly Schremph
Kelly Schremph
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If Scandal has proven anything over these past three seasons, it's that the world of politics can be a very corrupt and dangerous game. (Well, that and the fact that Kerry Washington can rock a pantsuit like no other.)

However, "More Cattle, Less Bull" takes complications to a whole other level as the true secret of Operation Remington is finally revealed (no, for real this time, guys), which could change one relationship forever. Forget everything you thought you knew because by night's end, you'll be seeing things in a brand new light.

Also, Phoebe Josie is back and makes a powerful move in the presidential election that could turn the tables on dear ole Fitz. Are we looking at the first female president (on television anyway)? Let's dig in.

A New Partnership is Formed

Once again, Pope & Associates are granted the gift of a new client, this time in the form of Lisa Kudrow's Democratic congresswoman character, Josie Marcus (aka Fitz's biggest political threat). She hires Olivia as her campaign manager, but not just to help her win the election -- she has a much bigger problem that needs fixing.

During a one-on-one meeting, Josie admits that she had a baby when she was 15 years old and gave it up for adoption. And while not even her closest political advisors are aware of this, there are five people from her hometown that could talk. Olivia suggests they come out with the truth and put a positive spin on the story, but Josie refuses. She doesn't want to use the child for political gain or impede on the young woman's privacy. (Does she not know how politics work?) Olivia agrees to the terms and calls her Gladiators to assemble in Red Springs, Montana, to get started on the case.

But they aren't the only ones visiting Josie's little hometown. Cyrus calls Olivia and offers her a job to dig up dirt on the congresswoman. He sent Ethan to Montana to try and deal with things, but he'd much rather have her professional expertise. Little does he know that Josie is Olivia's newest client -- a fact she fails to share with him, even after declining the offer. Liv immediately calls Harrison to let him know they've got company.

You Just Got Pope'd

One by one, they track the five people down and offer each of them 10 grand in return for their silence. But just as they're visiting the baby daddy, Cyrus' henchman-in-training, Ethan, shows up with the press for an interview. Abby stalls, giving Harrison just enough time to properly persuade the guy to keep his mouth shut. The interview quickly turns into a pro-Josie piece with the guy raving about his ex. Ethan calls a very unhappy Cyrus and explains what happened. "We got Pope'd, sir." Please, let this become a common saying.

However, there's more to Josie's little story than meets the eye. When the team makes their final stop to see the nurse who assisted with the birth, it's revealed that the baby was never given up for adoption. Josie's mother, Louise, raised the baby as her own and made her out to be Josie's younger sister, Candy -- who just happens to be her campaign assistant. She has no idea of the truth. Olivia insists that the best move is to address the issue head-on, but Josie doesn't want Candy to suffer just so she can be in the White House. She doesn't want the presidency that badly.

Cyrus plans to have Governor Samuel Reston reveal Josie's little adoption secret during the presidential debate later that evening. Luckily, Olivia's scandal senses start tingling and she warns Josie right beforehand that the ambush is going to happen. Sure enough, it does and Josie heads Liv's advice by coming clean about everything. Her explanation is sweet and sincere, and actually works in her favor (though she sticks to the whole adoption detail and doesn't reveal her sister is actually her daughter). There's nothing the public loves more than a repentant politician, so now she's won America's heart. Poor Cyrus ... he's bound to have another heart attack by season's end.

But Josie doesn't see it that way. She resents Olivia making her reveal the truth since Candy was able to put two and two together, possibly wrecking the only relationship she really cared about. She fires Olivia on the spot.

A Poor Man's Olivia Pope

Since things with Olivia are pretty bad (not to mention downright awkward) these days, Cyrus and Mellie approach a fixer guy named Leo, offering him the chance to run Fitz's re-election campaign. But after re-hashing Fitz's many flaws (like having a "penis problem"), Leo declines. He doesn't work with losers, which is a pretty gutsy/stupid thing to say about the current President right in the Oval Office. Already, I'm not a fan.

But Mellie isn't about to give up. After overhearing Fitz on the phone with Liv, discussing what jokes he should use during the White House Correspondents' Dinner, Mellie realizes exactly what she needs to do. During the event, Mellie summons Olivia to a private meeting and begs her to run Fitz's re-election campaign. Mellie explains that Liv is the only one who can bring out the best in him and he needs her if he ever hopes to succeed. (Did anyone else feel really bad for Mellie during this?) We don't know exactly what her response is, but since she initially declines Josie's offer to re-join her team, it feels like things may be headed in that direction. (I love Liv, but this girl is seriously whipped.)

Meanwhile, Leo reappears for a moment at the Correspondents' Dinner, where Vice President Sally Langston corners him in the men's room and asks what he thinks if she were to independently run for president as part of a third party. I have a feeling this could be the start of a beautiful terrible friendship.

Remington Redux

Now let's get to the most interesting part of the night. While Olivia is suffering through yet another one of her weekly Sunday dinners with Daddy Pope, Jake and Huck are busy pulling a Mission Impossible by digging up dirt on Rowan's home computer. Huck uses the intel to connect the dots (a process I couldn't even begin to try and explain) and discovers the big secret Operation Remington has been hiding. Are you ready for this, folks? While Fitz was in the Navy, he was instructed by the US government to shoot down a plane in Iceland ... and one of those passengers just happened to be the mother of Olivia Pope. I repeat ... the President is responsible for the death of Olivia's mother. Mind blown.

No wonder Fitz wants to eliminate B613 altogether. The last we see is Huck and Jake knocking on Liv's door to tell her what they've found. I'm sure this won't create a rift in their relationship or anything.

Also, Quinn secretly has a gun now, so that's also happening.

So what did you think of this week's episode of Scandal? Are you shocked about Operation Remington? What do you think this will mean for Fitz and Liv's relationship? Are you loving Lisa Kudrow being on the show? Take our poll and feel free to sound off on your thoughts and predictions in the comments below!

Scandal airs Thursday nights at 10pm on ABC.

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