'Scandal' Recap: Confessing Does More Harm Than Good
'Scandal' Recap: Confessing Does More Harm Than Good
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
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After a week-long tease of a game-changing episode, consider the game changed. "Nobody Likes Babies," threw things at us from every direction, leaving me to wonder: Did that just happen? Practically every character came clean about something, and it's debatable whether it did more harm than good, which is what Verna Thornton tells Olivia on her death bed. The episode is a bit of a mess because it's everywhere, but at least we get answers.

Verna Comes Clean 

With Hollis Doyle off the hook for the assassination attempt on Fitz, the Gladiators are scrambling to figure out who did. A quick jog of the memory reveals Verna telling the election-rigging circle about Doyle's second phone, which pinned the shooting on him -- and ultimately deflecting the attention away from her.

Wow, I didn't see that coming but should've figured it out. With Verna on her death bed, she had nothing left to lose -- although she's more concerned with her legacy after her death. Killing Fitz means she never had to admit her role in the rigging.

And with that, she succumbs to the liver cancer.

Cyrus Is Pushed to Confession

All James wants is for Cyrus to admit he was part of the election rigging, but he's not budging -- at all. Their argument turns into a ridiculous strip show, as Cyrus says he won't discuss it without making sure James wasn't wearing a wire. Well, James wants to make sure Cyrus isn't wearing one either. 

This leads to each man throwing his clothes off, and the two of them talking/yelling in their birthday suit. The whole thing is absurd, but it pushes Cyrus to the breaking point to admit that he did while giving a stirring speech about how he wanted to be the president, but he never can because he likes sleeping with men, so he's the guy that's the president's guy.

With everything out in the open, James is still planning on testifying to what he found in Defiance, Ohio, the very next day. On top of that, James had given David the memory card that proves it.

Well, this cannot happen, and Cyrus plays his final card -- calling up his hitman to have James killed! 

How Much to Hire a Hitman?

In the middle of all the drama, there are funny/stupid moments like Quinn offering Huck $5,000 to kill Hollis. She even asks if it's enough -- of course it's not enough. But Huck offers to do it for free on one condition: She can never work for Olivia Pople & Associates again. She can't make him do something that's linked with her Lindsay Dwyer identity and still continue to live on with her Quinn identity.

That gets to Quinn, and Hollis gets another day.

Meanwhile, Cyrus pleads with James one last time not to testify. When he doesn't oblige, Cyrus tells Olivia the bad news. And she turns to -- wine. I mean, why not, when your life as you know it is about to end.

The hitman is all ready to pull the trigger before James enters the courthouse, but Cyrus at the last minute tells him to back off. The hitman lets his employer know that he's still sending the bill. No idea how much a kill goes for these days.

Innocent on the Stand

James has all the power to bring some really powerful people down -- except he admits to finding nothing and knowing nothing! I didn't think he was going to lie until he actually got on the stand. He looked too calm for someone who was going to turn in his baby daddy. But he does know he just committed perjury, right?

Infuriated, Rosen storms into Olivia's office, demanding the memory card from Abby. Abby had run into his arms after finding out from their "sex tapes" that he loved her, and after Olivia admitted she made Rosen's ex say he beat her.

But Abby claims her innocence. And it's not surprising when she pulls the card hidden inside her, effectively closing the election rigging case for good. How many times can Rosen look incompetent on the stand?

Fitz Knows

With peace restored, Olivia cuts Edison lose, telling him she can't marry him because she wants love to be devastating and heartbreaking. To which Edison looks at her crazily and says that love is'n't supposed to be painful. It's like Olivia loves the pain that comes with being the president's mistress as much as she does love him.

Before the start of Verna's funeral, Olivia finally gives him the answer he'd been waiting to hear: that she'll wait for him. Except ... Fitz changes his mind and doesn't want her wait for him! At that moment, I knew that he knew. But I don't know if she knows that he knows. With me, here?

And sure enough, flashbacks show that Fitz went to see Verna after she summoned him. She reveals everything -- what they did and why they did what they did. 

What happens next, I totally called it as I saw it. In order to preserve both of their legacies, Fitz kills Verna, who was going to tell the federal prosecutors everything after her confession to Fitz.

Fitz then turns to the one woman who never pretends with him -- and that's Mellie.

So Olivia and Fitz are over. The election rigging is history. And new conspiracies are coming up. Stay tuned next week for what happens next!

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