'Scandal' Preview and Spoilers: Will Olivia Wait for Fitz?
'Scandal' Preview and Spoilers: Will Olivia Wait for Fitz?
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
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After a week off, Scandal is back with the all-new episode "Truth or Consequences." When we last left everyone, Fitz had asked Mellie for a divorce as Edison was asking Olivia to marry him. Will either of those things happen? One seems way more likely to happen than the other. But one thing's for certain: Fitz asks Olivia to wait for him.
The short clip the show teased featured a ton of goodies as to what happens with all of our favorite characters. 

Check out the preview:

Notes from the preview:
- Olivia may be falling apart. She appears to be overcome with guilt over her role in the rigged election. The "and associates" of Olivia Pope & Associates seems to have learned the truth, as well. And she's got both Cyrus and David Rosen meddling in his business.

- Mellie is in the hospital. Is she going to miscarry? That would certainly make sense given the enormous stress she's under as the first lady. Add to that that her husband just asking for a divorce. But the pessimist in me wonders if she has a hospital "scare" to keep Fitz from leaving her. I wouldn't put it past her, since Mellie seems to always think about what's in it for her.

- Fitz and Olivia tell each other about the divorce/marriage proposal. Did Fitz ask Olivia to wait for the divorce to finalize so they can finally have a real relationship? This may totally be the case, but the bigger question remains whether Olivia will want that herself. It's cute that Fitz has these grand visions of them living happily ever after, but it wouldn't surprise me if Olivia didn't feel the same.

The show also teases lines from the script each week. Here's what's coming up tonight:

- "How is Fitz doin' anyway? Send him my best." Hollis

With Fitz back in the Oval Office, meaning Langston is no longer in charge, this means Hollis can no longer be at the president's ear, doing everything that will ultimately benefit him. So what will be his next move? Causing more trouble, I'm sure.

- "Have a normal life. Get some normal." Olivia

This can be interpreted two ways. This is what she wants for herself or this is advice she's offering someone else. The only person she would probably say this to and have it make some sense to the current plot line is Fitz. But he's the president, so there's no way of having a sort of normalcy. So it's likely she's referring to herself. What "normal," means to Olivia ... is quite complicated.

- "How am I feeling?" Fitz

Well, that's a loaded question. I'm pretty certain it's directed at Olivia. I'm guessing having to do with the fact that, I don't know, like two days ago got out of the hospital -- prematurely -- after almost being assassinated? I'm thinking he's feeling pretty crappy.

It looks like we're in for another roller coaster, intense episode! Scandal airs Thursdays at 10pm on ABC.

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