6 Ways 'Scandal' Should End
6 Ways 'Scandal' Should End
Christine Petralia
Christine Petralia
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
After seven seasons, Scandal is coming to an end. For a series with ups and downs, the final season found Olivia Pope bullying her friends and allies, spiraling out of control, losing her way and then climbing her way back to the top. Season 7 introduced an Olivia Pope no one ever saw before, and in "Standing in the Sun," our favorite gladiators, along with Fitz and Mellie, are left vulnerable when Olivia finally decides to do the right thing and reveal B613 to America. With one episode left, I'm left to wonder how exactly Scandal will end. The way I see it, it could go several different ways.

Rowan Cleans up Olivia's Mess

In the second to last episode, we finally see Rowan, who's been suspiciously standing in the shadows waiting for stuff to hit the fan after Quinn and the baby leave his home. He not scared when Jake threatens him, and tells him that he, himself, is the only one who has the power -- is the only person who is Command. I've been suspecting that Rowan would creep back into the picture before the finale. And now that Olivia and her friends have decided to come clean to America and tell the republic about B613, I imagine Papa Pope won't be on the sidelines for much longer. In fact, knowing his history, I wouldn't be surprised if he kills everyone, and keeps Jake alive to clean up not only his mess, but the mess that Olivia is causing. Besides, there's so many conspiracy theories out there, adding a secret spy agency that runs the White House wouldn't be so far-fetched.

Jake Becomes President

It seems Jake is finally trying to grow a pair. He killed his wife and showed Cyrus that he won't be pushed around anymore. Unfortunately, Rowan does get under his skin. But maybe Jake will snap again. Maybe he will eventually kill Rowan, and anyone else in his way, to climb his way not to Cyrus's right-hand man, but to the Oval. Wouldn't that be a nice little twist? After all, Jake has always been an interesting character. Though he waits for orders and serves those around him, I think Mellie's taunting words are weighing heavily on him, and he feels now is the time to act. He just has to get over his daddy issues with Rowan.

Olivia Becomes President

Perhaps this is Olivia's plan all along? Even though she calls herself a villain in "Standing in the Sun," it's clear that she feels that by ripping open B613 and taking everyone else down with her, she'll be the martyr. She'll be the hero. Her legacy will be made as the person who changed the republic -- who fixed America by revealing the corruption and scandals.

Maybe this is her last fix. Fix America, fix her image. Eventually get the Oval. Think about it, it's not that far-reaching.

Olivia Dies

At the opposite end of the spectrum, Olivia Pope could die -- maybe at the hands of her friends, maybe at the hands of Jake or even her own father. Either way, I feel like she's got a target on her back now that she's spilled the secrets of B613. In fact, I think her associates should watch their backs too. I can't imagine Rowan will go down quietly and let his legacy as Command be tarnished by his daughter.

Rowan Dies

I have a feeling someone will die. If it's not Olivia, then I'm guessing it's Rowan. It would be a funny twist that Olivia tries to do good and tries to fix America, and then is forced to kill her father, thus throwing her back into her dark place where she no longer does the right thing. Or maybe killing her father is doing the right thing. Ridding the world of a very evil, twisted man. 

If Olivia doesn't kill him, someone should. As much as I've grown to like Rowan in season 7, at the end of the day, he's done much worse things than Olivia and her friends. Perhaps they should all die?

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Olivia and Fitz Head to Vermont

Maybe the finale won't be as dramatic. Maybe it will just play out. Somehow Olivia and her friends won't have to do time -- a thank you for taking the lid off of such a horrible secret. And then she and Fitz can just move to Vermont and live happily ever after. Since Rowan has always told her that she can't be Command and be close to people, maybe telling the world about B613 will be her way of getting her happily ever after.

Endless Possibilities

There are so many different ways the series finale of Scandal should play out. Early in the season I was very set on hoping that Olivia would die. She was spiraling out of control. But this new Olivia seems to be taking a different approach (though part of me still thinks she's power-hungry and it's all just a game to her.) Maybe exposing all of the secrets over the past several years is a way for her to not only fix America but wipe her conscience clean.

How do you think the series will end? Do you think people will die? Do you think Olivia exposing B613 is a good idea? Do you think her plan will even work? Is America fixable in the Scandal world? Let us know in the comments below.

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