Who Should Host the 'Saturday Night Live' Season Finale?
Who Should Host the 'Saturday Night Live' Season Finale?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
This season of Saturday Night Live will end with three consecutive new episodes. On May 5, football star Eli Manning will host with musical guest Rihanna, while SNL alum Will Ferrell hosts the May 12 episode with musical guest Usher. But who will host the season finale on May 19? That's still up for debate.

Hosting an SNL finale is typically a big deal. For the past four years, the honor has gone to Justin Timberlake, Alec Baldwin, Will Ferrell and Steve Carell. Here are my top five picks for this season's finale host.

Jon Hamm

He hasn't hosted at all this season, yet he's hosted once for the past three seasons. It would only be fitting if he got to host the finale, especially since Mad Men is still going strong and he's clearly beloved, hence his guest appearance on 30 Rock's live episode.

Justin Bieber

There were rumors earlier this year that the show was trying to get him not as a musical guest but as a host. Clearly it would get a ton of young viewers interested in staying home on Saturday night.

Tom Cruise

This would be a huge deal since he's never hosted before, but since Cruise is starring in the new movie Rock of Ages (which got a nice plug on 30 Rock's live episode), this could be his chance.

Emilia Clarke

This is an unlikely choice, but Game of Thrones is an incredibly hip show right now, and SNL clearly loves it given the recent parody. So it would only make sense that they get one of the most popular actors from that show to host (Peter Dinklage is my second choice).

Adam Sandler

SNL loves bringing back past cast members to host (Ferrell will make three this season), and Sandler has never done it. But he has a movie coming out this summer co-starring SNL cast member Andy Samberg, so maybe they could get him now.

Who would you like to see host the Saturday Night Live season finale?

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