[Video] 'Saturday Night Live' Promos: Taran Killam 'Sings' Showtunes to Anna Kendrick
[Video] 'Saturday Night Live' Promos: Taran Killam 'Sings' Showtunes to Anna Kendrick
Jeff Dodge
Jeff Dodge
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
Anna Kendrick is one of the most likable celebrities in Hollywood today. And considering her successes on the big screen and in music, she seems like an obvious choice to host Saturday Night Live -- which is exactly what she's going to do this weekend.

The musical guest will be Pharrell Williams, who was recently named as a new coach on The Voice and has one of the most popular songs around right now, "Happy."

NBC has released a series of promos featuring the first-time host with SNL cast member Taran Killam. She starts off on shaky ground when she doesn't even know when the show airs and believes that it is taped ahead of time. "You heard it hear first, folks," she exclaims.

Both Anna and Taran love showtunes. (Anna was in Pitch Perfect, after all, so that doesn't come as a surprise.) Unfortunately they don't have the rights to sing them, so Taran tries to work around that obstacle. They can also harmonize together, though this one doesn't end well either. But will bonding over their backgrounds in musical theatre work?

Sumo wrestling in donut batter, a mansion full of monkey butlers, a tickle fight with puppies while wearing a bacon bikini. What do all these have in common? I won't spoil it -- let's have Anna Kendrick answer it for you in the video below, where you can also see the two pull a belated April Fools' Day joke and try to one-up each other with their accomplishments.

It's going to be hard to follow Louis C.K.'s hosting stint last weekend, but I'm sure Anna Kendrick is up to the task.

Are you looking forward to seeing the Oscar nominee host SNL? Do you think there will be some Pitch Perfect-related sketches? And do you hope her single "Cups" is worked into the show somehow?

Saturday Night Live airs Saturdays at 11:35pm on NBC.

(Image and video courtesy of NBC)